Tomb Raider: Anniversary

released on Jun 01, 2007

A remake of Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a remake of the original Tomb Raider with a technically more advanced graphics engine. It has the same basic storyline, though some cutscenes and much of the dialogue within have been expanded or modified in other ways. Locations correspond to those of the original version and are accessed in the same order, but have been re-designed with different layouts and mostly completely different puzzles which allow implementation of new moves: swinging on ropes and using a grappling hook at specific points.

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I love this game. I have a thing for exploring ancient tombs and this gives me exacly what I want from that fantasy. Add to it the really sick movement options and Lara beeing a complete badass. I could have done with less of the repetditiv combat but considering I unlocked everthing by getting collectibales and perfecting the time trials, its a overall very minor issue. The time trials rock btw, as close as I have ever come having a blast speedrunning a game.

This was kind of a letdown. After playing Legend I had high hopes for this trilogy but this is nowhere near as good as its predecessor.
I know this is a remake and I haven't played the original so I don't know how much of its faults are its own or from the original game but it's safe to say the atrocious controls are this developer's fault. It's insane how a game that focuses almost exclusively on platforming manages to be so clunky and unresponsive sometimes, the levels are hard enough and on top of that it's always a gamble whether Lara will jump in the direction I told her to or not, at the risk of dying and having to do it all again. It also has one of the worst cameras I've seen in a game, I feel like the camera is the biggest boss fight of them all, I fight it throughout the whole game.
Technical problems aside, Lara just isn't as compelling as she is in Legend and the story is just nonsensical to the point I gave up trying to understand what was going on. As soon as dinosaurs showed up all of a sudden with no explanation while I was exploring Peru I knew it was no use. Speaking of which, all the enemies are animals for some reason? What happened to the cool combat vs humans from Legend?
It's not all bad, it has some good puzzles and level design and when the controls work the platforming can be really good. It's probably the most platforming focused of all the Tomb Raider games I've played, and it's a good approach but can get repetitive sometimes.
I gave up after the 10th attempt of getting Lara to unsuccessfully grab a ledge on the last location and having to fight the annoying flying enemies again.

better than the original but has its own problems. There still exists part of the game where you dont know where to go. sometimes lara doesnt grab onto thing properly. checkpoints are nice but with how punishing the fall damage is makes it annoying to experiment with any type of platforming or exploration. drops frames alot of psp. lara looks fucking stupid, idk why they wanted to make her look like the ps1 version. Honestly, i think tomb raider is a franchise with 0 good games. I have not liked the modern trilogy, the old games or these crystal dynamics remasters. Everytime i play any of these games, they are so punishing, confusing or in the case of the modern ones, boring, slow and outclassed by its competitors. I still think this is better than the original game but both are slogs to play through.

Ogni aspetto del gioco originale è stato modernizzato a dovere, eccetto i combattimenti contro le varie bestiacce, che rimangono stupide e ingestibili se sono in gran numero.

This game was the first game I ever complete on Playstation 2 no matter how many games I played since then I still longing those days when almost 16 years ago I bought my copy and started explore the beautiful location of Peru. The Remake of the original Tomb Raider is a faithful adaptation of the original game with few innovative technological advances that makes the game more fan. The gameplay is an improvement and the addition of new mechanics at the time like the wall run make the puzzle's more fun. In 2027 this game will be 20 year's old and funny enough the remake will need a remake or a pretty good remaster to be accessible to a newest generation. Still to this day I'm hoping one day I will see an anniversary edition for all the classic playstation era Tomb Raider games. I know it's a dream but it could become if Crystal Dynamic wants to invest the time and resources for them

Too challenging to invest me for long periods of time, but I still enjoyed this more than the original. Smoother basic movement, meatier boss fights, and a more developed story.