Tomb Raider Reloaded

released on Dec 23, 2020

Tomb Raider Reloaded is a free-to-play arcade shooter developed by Emerald City Games and published by CDE Entertainment. It's based on the original CORE Design Tomb Raider games from the late 1990s, recreated in a new colorful art style and presented with a top-down perspective.

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Enjoyable enough, but such a grind even when playing the Netflix version which has removed the P2W elements.
At some point near the end game its not so much a challenge but just a matter of waiting to get enough resources to level up your gear, not super fun.
Graphics looked great however and good enemy variety

I am not a fan of mobile games, but for my own surprise, I actually enjoyed this one. Plus, it features the old school Lara Croft.

O design de Tomb Raider Reloaded me traz felicidade e tristeza. O conceito das mecânicas e estrutura de fases é bem bacana, mas como o loop se baseia na repetição em busca de recursos e loot pra fundir e fortalecer armas, o jogo entra na pira de “grind” e te exige essa dedicação de tempo para que você atinja os números necessários pra prosseguir.
O gameplay per se é gostoso, mas a estrutura do loop por conta do design com ele, sempre ele, o infame GACHA, me estraga fortemente a experiência.
Com um design focado em mecânicas comuns de live service, Reloaded enterra um jogo com um loop bacana em um festival de repetição que vai deteriorando a experiência progressivamente.

I picked the game again since it had a few updates. It seems to be better. I’ll update my review after a while.
So far playing Netflix on iPad has been a terrible experience. The game can only be played on portrait mode, the resolution feels off and the game only supports touchscreen all the way to the bottom. That might work when your phone is so small and you can easily use your hands. It’s more clumsy when done on a big screen. Also it would have benefited greatly if it had controller support. As for the game itself, I’m surprised it’s on Netflix. It has all your typical mobile bullshit such as too many currencies, timers, deadlines with rewards and the challenge quickly increasing after the first 2 chapters. This version doesn’t let you use micro transactions and it gives some things for free apparently. So it’s supposed to be a better experience but it still feels bad. I’m a fairly big Tomb Raider fan and had no idea what to expect from this when I saw it on Netflix. Don’t do it as a fan or when you know you don’t like those type of games. I’ve made it to chapter 4 (out of 9) and don’t feel like grinding to get further. Even though it has some fun elements, it’s really not worth it.

Way to just egregiously plagirize 'Archero' with every. Single. Possible aspect. But with an infinitely worse difficulty curve
Level structure. Crafting and equipment system requiring three of the same item to upgrade its rarity. Exact same stutter-step gameplay and camera angle. Loads of indentically functioning enemies, and even more identical abilities.
There's even a fuckin' roulette table you spin at the start of every tomb, just like Archero!
This was me rambling, but I desperately needed to get this out there.