Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

released on Oct 23, 2002

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

released on Oct 23, 2002

Drop into the ultimate challenge. In the next chapter in the Tony Hawk series, pros challenge you to make your mark in huge free-roaming levels, taking on 190 progressively harder goals with no time limits to hold you back. Decide when you're ready to take on your Pro Challenge and move into the pro ranks, where it's a whole new game. Build your skills, perform all-new tricks, play up to eight players online, and show that you've got what it takes to go Pro.

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THPS4 marks the start of the series veeing away from the arcade-like gameplay into one that takes advantage of miniature open worlds in a post GTAIII world. It largely works, and I always have a blast whenever I go back to the ever-imaginitive level designs and challenges with the banging soundtrack, but there is a sense of mystery and wonder that's almost been lost in the transition away from limited play times.

This game retains the classic gameplay of the original games while giving it a new direction in terms of level structure to keep the game feeling fresh, and it works wonderfully. This game along with the first three pro skaters are absolute classics.

You are now free to explore all the levels in this game without any timers. When you want to do a goal, you ride up to a person and begin, with a timer then being activated. I feel like this was a rgeat way to retain the identity of the games without feeling like a retread. A lot of the levels here are classics. The only level I think is weaker than the rest is the carnival, which is pretty cramped. The others, however, have a lot of ground to cover yet are easy to get around.

I enjoyed seeking out all the things going on in the levels, whether it was the goals, the cash icons, or the little mini games throughout the levels. Although very much an arcadey game, it feels reminiscent of collect-a-thons of this era, which works really well.

The soundtrack is incredible as always

There isn't too much for me to say here. It's just a classic through and through. The levels have so much to do in them, the goals are fun and varied, the character customization is well done. And after the game comes to it's end with the Custom Skater's Pro Challenge, new goals that are more difficult become available, breathing more life into the for players wanting more. And you probably wil be wanting more.

It's a game that I hae revisited several times, and likely will continue to revisit.

Tony Hawk's 4/5 Stars Skater. I just enjoy 3 more but 4 is still good!

if pro skater 3 was the super mario 64 of skateboarding games then this is the super mario sunshine which is to say it is a fucking nightmare to attempt to do every goal in it

had kiss on the soundtrack it was sick