Toree 2

released on Sep 30, 2021

Toree 2 is the sequel to Toree 3D. A bite-sized 3D Platformer sequel with more focus on the things people enjoyed in the first game like fast gameplay, flow focused levels and cute costumes (two this time).

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It's more Toree, there is a fair bit more going on in the levels but I don't know if I'd say I enjoyed it more than the first. Both are fun games though, and if you did enjoy the first you will certainly enjoy this one.

genuinamente experimental. Jogo plataforma 3D fast-paced autocontido, perfeito dentro de sua própria demarcação. O jogo mais 8/10 que eu já joguei.

Short and concise, satisfying platforming
Doesn't expand too much on the first game but for a cheap platformer it's pretty decent for what it is.

Toree 2 takes what the original Toree did, which was to be a very short but sweet platformer with a slight horror edge to it, and cranked it up to, I dunno, probably a 7.
There's some intrigue with the story, much like other games by this developer, but there's still not a ton to stick your teeth into. I see these games are more of fun little snack bite games meant to kill some time, and it serves that use very well, but they always leave me wanting more. If the developer ever went to make a full scale game with a plethora of mechanics that's smartly done, it'd have the potential to be one of my favorite 3D platformers. As of now, these games have just been fun. Not life changingly fun, but fun enough. And that's all it really set out to be.

Toree 2 is more of the same of what you get with Toree 3D, but with some more added bells and whistles to it that slightly adds more flavor than it's predecessor. It pretty much adds a little extra to everything, with different level locations, interesting gimmicks, and a cool hat or two.
Mechanically, Toree 3D and 2 are not that different, you still get the same kind of platforming, semi creepy vibes, and overall polygon charm. The neat thing is that Toree 2 decides to be rather modest with it's changes; slightly improving various worlds and their gimmicks while also introducing the player enough to keep everything fair play. I will say that Toree 2's camera probably suffered the most between the transition as there is a lot of focus on faster 3D movement, and the camera for it simply can't keep up. Thankfully all the gimmicks introduced in Toree 2 provide a proper challenge that the original didn't have, adding in speed rings, bouncing chairs, and breakable platforms.
It's really hard to say get Toree 2 over Toree 3D or even that it can be played separately. Not because you can't, but rather due to the games being both fairly short, affordable, and so in-tune with it's spirit. IN a lot of ways Toree 2 can feel more like an expansion rather than a direct sequel, but make no mistakes that production values have risen. I think the only real fault of the game is it is just more of the same, but that's kinda why I love both games so much. While you do get a bunch of cool features in 2, both just give you a vibe that you'd want in a platformer. Sometimes more of the same is all you really need a game to be, and Toree 2 knows that.

A short yet fulfilling sequel to the original with a few new mechanics focused on movement. The horror is tuned down in this one, but still has its unnerving moments. Actually features a boss fight which is cool