Total War: Shogun 2

released on Mar 15, 2011

In Total War: Shogun 2 you choose from one of 9 (10 with Ikko-Ikki dlc) clans, each with their own unique traits and skills and each with their own RPG-style warlord to lead them.
Use a mixture of diplomacy, political manoeuvring, province building, research and special agents such as Ninja assassins or Geisha spies to get your enemies exactly where you want them.
An intuitive user interface and a lovingly-created, complex and detailed campaign map make it both easy and enjoyable to build and run cities, recruit and move troops and issue commands – both noble and dishonorable, all with the aim of mastering enemy forces and seizing their lands.

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Most balanced and feature complete Total War game ever made. CA at its finest alongside its stand-alone expansion


Spreading Christianity through the barrel of an imported Portuguese matchlock has never been more fun

From a person who normally doesn't like total war campaigns, I actually enjoyed this game's campaign, The RTS battles in this game are really fun but I feel like total war Warhammer does it better.