Touhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story

released on Aug 14, 1998

This game features two playable characters to choose from, with two different attack types each. Reimu Hakurei can pepper a wide area of the screen with weaker attacks, while Marisa Kirisame relies on her power to compensate for her narrower attack spread. The bombs also exhibit unique behavior and damage amounts depending upon the character chosen.

Lotus Land Story is the first game in the Touhou Project to feature bombs that auto-collect items, graze counting, the ability to move more slowly by holding the shift key, and a non-trivial scoring system that involves the collection of special dream items that boost the player's ultimate scoring potential. The game's scoring system also marks the series' first instance of score bonuses for the elimination of bullets following the defeat of mid-bosses and bosses.

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No geral acho os stages medianos e a visibilidade das balas ainda é bem ruim, tendo muitos dos mesmos erros do seus antecessores. Apesar disso gosto bastante que o ZUN deu mais atenção para os padrões (nos chefes especialmente) além de ter o banger que é Bad Apple.

honestly at first I thought "wow, what does this game think it is, touhou 2? "
it's almost a soft redux, with so much of the game's general pace and flow mirroring its predecessor down to minutia like the exact part of the exact stage that a 1UP drops off a miniboss. so much has been repurposed, remixed, and reused that its virtually inseparable in my mind; this is, effectively, touhou two two
but it's better. yeah, I thought I was gonna be the contrarian for a while but it ain't happening. the more I played, the more I appreciated all the little things it does right
improved telegraphs, focus, two characters, more graceful bullet patterns, dynamic difficulty, grazing, and scoring changes are all massive improvements to quality of life and ease / engagement of play that make it a delight to pick up. add in the bonecrunching extra stage and the (minor) improvements to visual clarity and we're really cooking
I do think some of the stage encounters aren't as inventive as in #2, but it's all made up for by how killer reimu (marisa route) and the final boss(es) are. true final boss in particular is everything I want from these games: endlessly stylish, elegant, and beautiful. ornate patterns have always been my "in" for the genre, and this hits the highest notes in the series yet as far as gorgeous bullet curtains go; I want these things to be operatic, and I got my wish this time around
despite common opinion I don't think it's that much easier than the second game, it's just a lot more fair; all those quality of life features truly add up, and they make for a smoother, more level experience. folks who like eating gravel with no milk can do the aforementioned extra stage or lunatic difficulty, but I'm satisfied with getting a couple 1ccs on normal and narrowly missing them on hard for the time being as I traipse my way through this weird ass series blind and untethered
probably a better remake than RE4

Definitely a shooter released in 1998. The only things of interest I want to say are that not having an exact hitbox is annoying sometimes and the music is good. I guess having to beat the game without continues for the le true ending can be annoying but since the game is so short it didn't really bother me that much.

A mild improvement from Touhou 2, giving the player the ability to actually slow their movement as well as having attack patterns that feel like they embody the flashier nature that the series would only further lean into as the games went on. The pretty intense slowdown that this occasionally has is also pretty helpful in making this one of the easier games in the series, feels nice when you're bad at these sorts of games to have a bit more time than it might first seem. I'd like this even more if not for a few too many moments of frustrating bullet visibility in the later levels along with the fact that there is a lot of time that feels a bit like dead air in between boss fights, but even so, I like this one quite a bit.

Até agora, meu Touhou favorito ao lado do 6.
Bem divertido, os gráficos são em 8 bits, porém extremamente charmosos e bem feitos, dando uma estética única ao jogo, a dificuldade está na medida certa e pessoalmente é o único agora que pretendo fazer o final bom, este jogo estabilizou de vez Reimu e Marisa como as principais personagens e foi o jogo mais sólido de longe no PC-98(ainda não joguei o 5).
Aliás, este jogo foi o responsável pelo design mais conhecido da Marisa e pela origem da Bad Apple, já ganhou mais pontos por essas coisas.

This is giving me Undertale vibes