Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity

released on Aug 16, 2014

Touhou Koukishin ~ Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity is a 3D RPG released on 16 August during Comiket 86. An updated and remastered version of the game for PlayStation 4, as part of Play, Doujin!, was announced on December 28, 2015. The game was confirmed for localization on June 2, 2016, under XSeed Games, for the digital North American release under the shortened title of "Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity". In May 22, 2018, a Steam version was announced in XSEED's 2018 3rd Party Lineup Announcement Teaser Trailer.

Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity is the first Touhou Project game to be shown in E3.

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Serviceable Ys-like game, wish it was just a bit longer and harder but overall I'd definitely recommend it on a sale.

Bit of a sloppy Ys 6/Origin-influenced game, which was sad because of how much I like those games. The main problem is enemy movements are more or less unreadable, so you use your ridiculous movement speed to just dash in and out and slowly/boringly pick off enemies. Likewise with the bosses I played, your jump dash is so powerful that the bullet patterns tend to feel a bit samey. The camera also moves way too much and the stages are dark so it's hard to see where you are.

Interesting introduction to the world of Touhou though, which I can't say I particularly enjoy or have interest in, but I can understand the appeal of wanting to occupy an innocent fantasy world filled with little girls where nothing feels particularly pressing.

Fun little (very) low-budget Ys clone. Good equipment progression, surprisingly good moveset and a decent soundtrack as well as the usual Touhou "something is happening but it's not that important really" light plot. Only really let down by a lack of challenge for most of the game (only one boss really made me have to think about playing like a Ys game) and some samey maps. The "look at all these weird effects we can do now" blur and lighting effects are a bit weird too, occasionally getting in the way.

finally beat the game so im updating my review. stars do not change because the game is still consistent. i finally actually bought the game so that i could use bullet hell mode cause that wasnt in my pirated version. the game is still easy as shit, but when you play as remilia you really start to feel it. i like the idea behind the former hell level, but in execution it was kinda weak. overall decent enough ys clone, but the labyrinth made me want to strangle someone, so i didnt beat it.

Repetetive gameplay but i enjoyed it. A short but interesting story. You can pick it up and finish it in a day.

Honestly the first touhou fangame by Ankabe Spa (Youyou Kengeki Musou or "datyoumu game" as it's known in the west for some reason) is much better than this.