Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom

released on Aug 17, 2003

Perfect Cherry Blossom features three playable characters to choose from, and each character has two different sets of skills. Reimu Hakurei is relatively balanced in all areas. Marisa Kirisame moves faster, and uses more powerful attacks with less range. Sakuya Izayoi moves slower, and uses weaker attacks that can hit just about everything on the screen.

A major addition to Perfect Cherry Blossom is the "Cherry" scoring system. Shooting enemies increases your Cherry Points, bombing or dying decreases your Cherry Points, and reaching 50,000 Cherry Points gives you a temporary shield. Cherry Points eventually lead to a higher Cherry Gauge, which increases the points you receive from Point Items.

Other important changes are the appearance of your character's hitbox while you are focused, the properties of your attacks depending on whether you are focused or unfocused, and a helpful cursor along the bottom margin during a boss battle that shows the location of the boss.

This game is also unique in that it includes a "Phantasm Stage" that can be played only after clearing the Extra Stage. ZUN stated that the Extra Stage in this game was meant to be an "easy mode" version; perhaps Phantasm Stage was the original Extra Stage during development.

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Pretty much the same as EoSD but decently easier and with some minor quality of life improvements. I really appreciate the name for midbosses being given unlike Daiyousei in the last game, and being able to see how many health bars a boss has left is huge. Also more creative patterns in a lot of instances like Chen zipping around, The Prismriver Sister’s group attacks, or all of the time stop direction change attacks in the game.

the only one ive beaten im bad but i think its really fun and i havent done the extra stage bc too hard but i really like music :D

como que libera a extra stage? nunca consegui

first touhou game i beat, pretty fun and is really good for the second windows game in the series
the first touhou i played ever was the previous one, embodiment of scarlet devil

Cool scoring system but even if milking for graze can be a bit tedious. Lunatic 1CC is pretty chill and a good time.
As usual good music fun bosses and dogshit stages.

simple yet not barren, very beginner friendly and still challenging
recommend this or 8 to any new touhou players