duplicate Trace Memory

released on Jun 24, 2005

Ten years ago, while researching human memory for a secret government lab, Ashley's parents disappeared suddenly. Now, a single clue leads her to the mysterious Blood Edward Island to piece together the traces of her past.

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A masterclass in DS game design that is horribly under appreciated and recognized. It's one of the few DS games that not only uses most if not all of its functions, but uses it so cleverly!!! Without spoiling too much, the game requires you to think outside the box quite literally and when I discovered how literal it was I couldn't help but giggle like the doofus I am.
The story to this game was also just as delightful too. It's nothing too convoluted or grand. Just a very engaging adventure about a 13 year old girl learning about her father's location being on a private island after being gone for 10 years and discovering the secrets of said island.
The puzzles and exploration of this game feel very similar to a point and click PS1 style adventure game. The game felt surprisingly ahead of its time in terms of graphics and exploration, but then again its exploration is very bare bones. Not in a boring way mind you just in an efficient straight to the point way.
A shame the title is stuck on the DS and DS emulation because I think it's a title that is worth remastering for a console like the Switch. It feels like a very important piece of video game history just from how technologically creative it is. I'd hate for it to be widely forgotten.

impressive tech demo for the DS, story isn't bad either

I only vaguely remember this.

Cing out here in 2005 saying "hey what if we use every single fucking feature of the DS, especially the parts you don't know about" and we rewarded them with bankruptcy. Super unfair.