released on May 20, 2014

An unconventional tactical action RPG in which after a powerful group called the Camerata cause measureless destruction through the ambiguous settlement of Cloudbank, Red, a famous singer in the city, goes on a journey along with her lover who is trapped inside the Transistor, a powerful machine with mysterious properties, to get to the bottom of the situation and get her lost voice back.

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OBRA DE ARTE, assim como tudo que a Super Giant faz
Trilha sonora, arte e dublagem perfeitas, gameplays divertidíssima e tudo mais

Transistor is a video game about a trans woman who saves the world. It's also about how being trans is the most fucking awesome thing ever.

The game's protagonist, Red, is a trans woman who's just trying to live her life. She's a talented musician and an badass warrior, and she's also trans. It's clear from the start that being trans is just a normal part of her life, and it isn't something that holds her back in any way.

In fact, being trans is what makes her uniquely qualified to save the world. See, the game's villain, the Camerata, is a group of cis people who are trying to control the world using a powerful artificial intelligence known as the Transistor. The Camerata believe that trans people are dangerous and should be controlled, so they're using the Transistor to try and control all of the trans people in the world.

Red is the only one who can stop them. She's the only one who can use the Transistor to its full potential, because she understands both sides. She's trans, so she knows what it's like to be oppressed and marginalized, but she's also a badass warrior who knows how to fight back.

In the end, Red defeats the Camerata and saves the world, proving that being trans is the most fucking awesome thing ever.

Beautiful story, short but enjoyable.