Trespasser is a PC game released in 1998. Set one year after the events of the 1997 film The Lost World: Jurassic Park and published alongside the film's home video release.

The player assumes the role of Anne, the sole survivor of a plane crash on InGen's Jurassic Park "Site B" on Isla Nublar. With a fractured arm and no equipment to speak of, Anne must escape the remote island by solving puzzles and evading dangerous dinosaurs.

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Arm: Wiggly
Titties: Out
Dino: Saur

Just another Thursday night on Backloggd

This has to be one of the most fascinating gaming artifacts of the 1990's and the ultimate example of a developer's reach exceeding its grasp. It was ambitious. Some of the earliest attempts at advanced physics and physics puzzles. Spacious open level design. Sense of scale and wonder from the film, plus the design of the dinos is spot-on for its time. 100% linear story. You can see a lot of elements that were eventually perfected by Halflife. It also more of the feel of a survival action game than a full-on shooter. No armor. Ammo is scarce. You can die off a short jump very easily.

The problem is that it was very clearly unfinished. Broken AI. Like dinosaurs were supposed to be dumb but you watch them trip and fall down like they're drunk. Horrible clumsy control that feels like playing virtual reality with your mouse. The physics puzzles are a disaster and lead to borderline unfinishable levels.

If there ever was a game that I wish someone would do an oral history on, it's this one. And I would still love to see something like this in its ideal form. A game like The Long Dark with dinosaurs is the kind of thing I would imagine.

This game is undeniably, irredeemably busted in almost every respect, and yet I find it weirdly compelling and can't help but return to it every now and then.