Triangle Strategy

released on Mar 04, 2022

Three nations battle for control of the dwindling resources of salt and iron in this HD-2D adventure tactical RPG. Featuring deep gameplay full of choices and consequences, strategically survey the battlefield to gain the upper hand.

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A fantastic and sprawling story, a wonderful battle system and fight mechanics, and some great characters only slightly let down by the rigid job system put in place. It really scratched that itch left by Final Fantasy Tactics, allowing me to put hours into battle strategies and upgrades whilst telling a compelling story which can be very different between playthroughs.
For any sequel (please), it would be nice to have some freedom of job switching, as very quickly you settle on a set of core characters who have the best jobs (Anna, Medina) and quickly forget about those who barely offer anything (Groma, Lionel). A fantastic game worth the time of any strategy fan.

Great game!! It excelled my expectations but also fell short in terms of depth in job system. The Story is great and the decisions have weight throughout the entire story so everything is done with precision and thought. Battle system is fun and grinding is made easy with different levels of difficulty outside of story mode.

Mechanically fun, narratively a snoozefest. I played this game for like 40 hours and managed not to care about a single character. Got morality(?) ending. Fun gameplay, cool character progression system, but GOD it needed a better story. Square also needs to hire a guy to name these Asano games. Play Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Tactics instead.

Fun and satisfying tactics gameplay with a plot that's about as dry as a history textbook.

A masterclass in tactical RPGs. Beautful spritework, a gripping plot that has 4 REAL, satisfying endings and tons of character moments and time spent off the battlefield. The soundtrack isnt super memorable, but its still great, offering grand orchestral pieces for battles and stripped back piano melodies for quiet moments. Every minute of the 30+ hour campaign feels earned, because much like Game of Thrones, the focus isnt just on the main characters. Its a grand narrative jumping between the political struggles of three countries (totally not Starks, Lannisters and Qarth) constantly.
I love the political intrigue and the focused, stripped back class system, making for a strategy RPG that manages to balance a busy storyline and create a gameplay system that doesnt collapse on itself. Focusing on fixed roles for each unit, but offering enough different ones to provide the typical class system variety. I like this because it makes sense. In the ever important story, Erador is a knight, Anna is a spy, Hughette is a mounted archer. Why does making them switch make sense?
Only issue I had was the voice acting, which varied from local Shakespeare production to high school student reading Animal Farm to the class. Maybe throwing voice actors you found on Newgrounds tons of old english dialogue with BIG WORDS is going to backfire?
All things considered, this is my GOTY going into the end of the year.