Triangle Strategy

released on Mar 04, 2022

Three nations battle for control of the dwindling resources of salt and iron in this HD-2D adventure tactical RPG. Featuring deep gameplay full of choices and consequences, strategically survey the battlefield to gain the upper hand.

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Tiene uno de los prólogos más lentos y relativamente tediosos que he jugado, con demasiada exposición, escenas de diálogos que parecen interminables y con una interactividad muy baja en las primeras horas, pero una vez la trama da inicio y el juego nos permite alcanzar mucha más interacción, los excelentes combates estratégicos, la interacción y desarrollo de sus carismáticos personajes y las elecciones que moldean su rica e interesante historia de conflictos políticos y facciones en guerra con caminos divergentes y varios finales es que el juego alcanza un merecido lugar como de los mejores RPG tácticos que tiene la consola.

The second playthrough fell a bit flat, but the game remains great nontheless.
Triangle Strategy features an intricate story that can be played and enjoyed multiple times, as intended in the games' design. Decisions have consequences and shape the turn of events and players can see up to four different endings yada yada this has been done many times and what's actually setting this game apart: the story is pretty good on a subsequent try and if you enjoy political mysteries this game's gonna be a field trip. It's not the most complicated thing, but many twists can be foreseen just the right amount of time and a few will surprise you like red circles on a clickbait thumbnail.

Story-wise I cannot regret playing this again, but the gameplay elements were not balanced at all. So you really feel like the person responsible for common sense in game design did not show up for work at a certain point. Places visited before will not contain new items, and battles yield the same loot that they did beforehand. So you need high-tier materials and a lot of money and the game gives you three bananas. Leveling up in the second playthrough is more of a nuisance. There are plenty of characters to recruit and even more are playable in later playthroughs, but you cannot equip and pull up their stats fast enough and the game becomes a grind festivity. This is such an oversight in an overall well developed game.
As for positive elements of gameplay the developers outdid themselves on the flow of battles. Even though they can be long, it never feels boring to play them out. Difficulty can be changed anytime and whenever you lose a battle you don't lose the EXP gained by the characters. This is massive and I hope this will be the gold standard mechanic in all future games of this genre. Overall it was a nice experience.

game of thrones if it was good

Mechanically this game is extremely sound. The map design is excellent, and the battles are frequently long and challenging. It really nails the feeling of being in a life or death fight. There are also a variety of units with a different feel, each with their own unique abilities. The game has quite a bit of content to go through, so you can play it for some time. I should also add that the game also looks quite good too! Unfortunately the characters and story, while done well enough, were a bit bland. The game has a very heavy focus on story, so this does matter. I also thought the music was just ok.

i think this just isn't the game for me but i understand the appeal