Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

released on Mar 16, 2017

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a first person shooter where players assume the role of Turok, an intrepid warrior, fighting their way through a host of new enemies, weapons, and missions.
The remastered game transports players into a sprawling environment with vicious enemies lurking behind every corner. Fans can look forward to new grotesque bosses and over 20 new weapons, including the skull-drilling favorite – The Cerebral Bore – that will send enemy brains flying!

In a thrilling new feature, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil also adds a multiplayer game mode in "Last Turok Standing" where players can battle with friends for an even more visceral gaming experience.

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I fucking love the look of Turok 2 a lot. The entire concept of the Lost Lands is just sick as hell. The game is very nostalgic. It was perfect for the sleepover multiplayer rotation with GoldenEye and Mario Party.

Each level is uniquely themed with its own unique sets of enemies, the amount of guns that all feel pretty distinct, the music that sets a perfect mood for each stage, the combat shines in a way not quite Quake and not quite the standard console shooter. A fascinating middle ground of old school mixed with newer ideas. There's a lot to love about Turok 2 over the first game.

However, the first game's simplicity is maybe it's bigger edge over the 2nd game in terms of age.

Turok 2 is just way WAY too huge. Level design can get absurdly confusing and almost frustrating when hunting down even just the core objectives for each stage. Some levels are more friendly than others but there's no consistency. The absolute best levels of this game are the first one and the last one. Even with a strategy guide you're guaranteed to get lost. It's like they dropped a plate of spaghetti on the ground and were like "that's a great idea for a level right there!"

That level design is primarily what holds back Turok 2 from being one of the unquestionable greats and it is easily why I don't know anyone who has actually beaten this game.

Everything else is there: the aesthetic, the music, the guns, the enemies. They just got way too ambitious and dropped their spaghetti

As for the remaster, eh it's OK. Not Night Dive's best. I dunno if the PC version fairs better here, but the switch port is pretty glitchy. Lot of small visual glitches but tons of audio glitches. However the remaster is easily the most accessible version of the game with some nice additions like the ledge grab. I didn't care much for the added visual effects. The game looked better with most of them turned off.

Not as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it.

I really liked Turok 1, both on the N64 and the remaster, but I never had a chance to play Turok 2 on the N64. Turns out I dodged a bullet.

The game is clearly ambitious in wanting to expand the scope of the first game but it manages to do so in all the worst ways possible. It's a litany of baffling design choices.

For example, they added objectives to the levels. These are mandatory, but often hidden away. If you don't complete them, entering the portal to the energy totem will simply warp you back to the start of the level with a 'Mission Failed'. Other FPS games reward you for exploration with secrets, power-ups, new weapons (and, to be fair, Turok 2 does have secrets too), but Turok 2 tells you you didn't explore hard enough, so try again. It feels punishing, and it's the antithesis of fun.

I feel like the objective system was part of an attempt to inject some overt narrative into the game, like with the Star Wars reject lady who guides you throughout the game. It doesn't really work though. Turok 1 wasn't a game I played because I was deep into the lore. I just wanted to kill dinosaurs.

It doesn't help that the levels themselves are huge, often monotonous, and rely on the same gimmicks over and over and over again. Already by the end of the first level I was sick of hunting a switch to unlock a route to another switch to unlock a route to another switch to actually progress through the level. The levels outstay their welcome and I can only think that they thought bigger would automatically be better. It isn't. Turok 1's levels are far more interesting and enjoyable.

There's a varied selection of weaponry and half of them are ass. For every Cerebral Bore there's a Tranq Rifle. The game really loves its locational damage system too, to the point where even the good guns can feel totally ineffective if you're not headshotting enemies, leading to a lot of frustrating inconsistency. I shudder to think how people dealt with this with an N64 controller, KB/M was bad enough.

Turok 2 could be enjoyable, in parts, but its highs are nowhere near high enough to justify its lows. It's a prime example of taking a solid formula and warping it into something completely inferior to the original. After getting increasingly bored while playing Hive of the Mantids, I just realised any fun had long since stopped, and that's when I did too.

Nice music though, I'll give it that.

The remastering of this and the music is the only good things about this I can say.

I really do not get this game. It just feels worst than the first in every way. You move significantly slower. Enemies felt super spongy to the point it wasn't fun shooting, it got to the point where I was just running past enemies ignoring them. The first level was like 50 minutes long, that is not good.
I absolutely loved have blistering fast I could speed through levels shooting enemies in Turok 1, this moves to a fucking snails pace. PLUS they add objectives you have to do. I didn't miss any in the first level but I can just picture myself missing one of them then being lost forever and getting pissed.