Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes

released on Aug 19, 2021

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Twelve Minutes

released on Aug 19, 2021

A romantic evening with your wife turns into a violent invasion, as a man breaks into your home, accuses your wife of murder and beats you to death. Only for you to wake up and find yourself stuck in a twelve-minute time loop, doomed to relive the same terror again and again.

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man, that back half stinks. you get the triple punch of a repetitive set of loops, an asinine twist that doesn’t really make sense, and then an ending that shits all over the consequences the whack-ass twist could’ve had.

this will likely be the most disappointing game of the year for me.

Niezły pomysł, podobało mi się jak gra na bieżąco reagowała na nasze poczynania. Jest to w gruncie rzeczy trochę nieliniowa przygodówka point & click (nawet w sterowaniu), a ja akurat lubię przygodówki. Jednakże nie dziwię się, że tyle osób się od niej odbiło, bo na trailerach tego nie widać.

+ pomysł
+ voice acting

- troszkę drewniane sterowanie i animacje (ale indyk...)
- powtarzanie niektórych sekwencji bywa lekko męczące

I played for a while. Got really really bored. Looked up what the "twist" was. I am glad I stopped.

This review contains spoilers

Ehhh, interesting plot but the puzzles & logic lack something. There's a few instances where in order to proceed you have to do something at a very specific time (ie in a conversation) or use a specific item that's left vague. Whatever it may be, it leads to multiple do-overs that feel like a waste of time since I know what I want to do but just don't know how to execute it. Acting is solid though and I felt some actual suspense when I was able to pull things off and start new conversations.

Has an interesting premise and its fun to figure out what's next, but the overall puzzles are quite complex and bland at the same time. The acting despite having amazing actors is quite underwhelming bacuse its underused in the game, Fun experience tho, especially since it was free on gamepass

Una premisa muy interesante, pero pese a las actuaciones de James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, y Willem Dafoe se torna increíblemente repetitivo apenas en un par de horas.

No me tomé el tiempo de llegar al final, y viendo las recciones a él, creo que no vale la pena continuar.