U.B. Funkeys

released on Jul 01, 2007

U.B. Funkeys is a computer game that is played in combination with USB toys called Funkeys. There are 45 toys in all.

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Rad childhood memories but when I play it now got dam the most decent minigame is the qix knockoff

I had about two funkeys so couldn’t do much and no internet..I only remember it vaguely.

SNACKS!!!! these bitches use to be bussin! They use to think i was plain hide n seek but i was really in the bushes eatin dese mfs

ub funkeys was my childhood game, so im incredibly binded by nostalgia. HOWEVER there is a lot of good in this game even if there is a lot of bad. to get it out of the way, yes toys to life was a horrible predatory scam that is only rivaled by the gacha system in games. That trend can be somewhat blamed on ub funkeys because it was one of the first ever to do it. The game still has so many things to love, the art, the music, even if the gameplay itself was nothing too special, the design and care that went into creating the world was real. The environments are really unique and nice pieces of art, the character designs are still fun and cute, and the games are fun when you are the intended audience, that being a kid. i have played the game to completion and over the course of all my life collected one of each kind of funkey (excluding the ones that were unreleased, some of them at least). I will love this game to death no matter how bad of a corporate scam it was. sprout is the best funkey btw and also please listen to the ost at least some of it the songs are fun

u.b. funkeys unironically goes hard as fuck