Um Jammer Lammy

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Um Jammer Lammy is a rhythm-based game that takes place in the PaRappa world and tells the story of the all-girl pop rock band, MilkCan. The game has very humorous and catchy music tracks, co-op gameplay, and a plethora of unlockables.

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(now put these kids to sleep, will ya!?)

Lammy gets kinkshamed compilation.

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A spinoff of the rhythm-game pioneer PaRappa The Rapper, featuring better gameplay. The story is unique and incredible, and mastering the ways of Parappa-type gameplay is a very very fun journey. Can be hard; hasn't aged the best. Great soundtrack, great visual design, deserves more recognition.

UmJammer Lammy has wonderfully bizarre settings and characters with the same charming visual style as PaRappa the Rapper, but with even further chaos and graphical trickery. The cutscenes are especially a trip, mashing bubblegum pop visuals of the late 90s with madcap PG-13 Tex Avery/Alex Winter bullshit (genuinely shocked SCEA had a problem with Lammy going to hell but NOT the opener to Baby Baby).

Unfortunately, in spite of its upped presentation, and honestly cool beatmapping, it has the weakest song selection of any PaRappa game. Vital Idol's music is downright terrible, and it doesn't help this has the same timing issues that PaRappa 1 seems to have. I would chalk it up to emulation if PaRappa 2, even on the latency-plagued PCSX2, wasn't comparatively breezy.

A memorable and brief ride for sure, but if you really want a fantastic guitar rhythm game, Gitaroo Man is the better option.

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