Umineko: Golden Fantasia

released on Dec 31, 2010

The tag-team fighting game based on the original "Umineko When They Cry" series, finally released on Steam, in English and with improved rollback netplay!

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I really like this fighting game. Very well done 2D visuals and a cool combo system. Probably would enjoy this more if I knew who any of the characters were.

Battler: Magic Does Not Exist!
Beatrice: 2A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 3C > A+B+C, 66 2B > 5C > JC> j.9A > j.9B > j.214SP, 5C > JC > j.8A > j.8C > j.236A, OTG 2B > 2C

fanservice maravilhoso pra qualquer fan de umineko

Ushiromiya Ange has a lvl 3 corner specific infinite called 'Gaslight Loop' and that's all you need to know about the game.

Não tem o porquê disso existir.