Umineko: When They Cry

released on Aug 17, 2007

Umineko: When They Cry is a Japanese murder mystery visual novel. The story focuses on a group of eighteen people on a secluded island for a period of two days, and the mysterious murders that befall most of the people. The goal of the game is to discern whether the murderer is human or of some other supernatural source. The original releases contain no voice acting for the characters. While during gameplay, the Tips Mode can be viewed via the game's internal menu, which also includes save and load functions. These tips allow the player to read various supplementary information on the characters and story that may or may not be useful in solving the mystery. The ultimate goals of the gameplay involve reaching the truth behind the multi-cased mystery, determining where the gold is hidden, figuring out a solution in which ultimately everyone survives, and to solve the whole case by determining who the true murderer is in each chapter and whether it is due to supernatural events or human actions.

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MysteryBait carried ad infinitum in a work made on the march that has the impudence to make you believe that it has an internal logic and a common thread, umineko is one of those pretentious stories that just by taking itself less seriously and stop pretending to be the most serius thing in the world would gain an infinity of value,It is proof that you cannot expect to generate an interconnected plot full of characters that come out of nowhere and ambiguous rules that contradict each other along the way while the story constantly self-sabotages its progress in order to lengthen the gum as much as possible... and that it is useless to have a deep thematic value with good dynamics in your cast, if in the end everything will be constantly reset.

Good if you understand the meaning of a "Visual novel"
The narrative is a great build up for Chiru

I don't even know how to give this game a review. I managed to lose myself reading this for hours at a time, completely immersed in the world and the characters. It's a story that actually makes you think. Like, really REALLY makes you question how you read fiction, and how you understand what the author intends... or doesn't intend.
Also, Beatrice is LITERALLY me, frfr, so, yeah.

Uma ótima introdução aos mistérios e o final foi incrível

Quite possibly my favourite thing in the entire world

Peak fiction but not as peak