released on Sep 15, 2015
by tobyfox



A small child falls into the Underground, where monsters have long been banished by humans and are hunting every human that they find. The player controls the child as they try to make it back to the Surface through hostile environments, all the while engaging with a turn-based combat system with puzzle-solving and bullet hell elements, as well as other unconventional game mechanics.

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Shittest game a person has ever can play

This has been aging a bit poorly because Deltarune has much more engaging gameplay to me, and I think a lot of its magic is lost if you don’t go into it blind (given how insanely popular it is, good luck).
I was originally comfortable with giving it 4 stars, but then I remembered how much I enjoyed my own playthroughs, and thought about the implications of scoring it lower than Five Nights at Freddy’s. I was denying its true quality, damn it.

Cool little game,very fun and sad

been a long ass time since i played this game but i remember it being good

50/50, some food has been cooked nice like papyrus noodle but others are rancid like butterscotch pie