released on Dec 31, 1994

What do you get if you cross Sonic the Hedgehog with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater?

It might seem an odd combination, but it describes Uniracers perfectly. One of the more successful releases of the Super Nintendo's twilight era, Uniracers mixes platform-based high-speed racing, with crazy stunts and tricks.

The basic idea in most levels of the game is simple. Get your unicycle from A to B as quickly as possible, and finish ahead of your opponent. It's like Sonic, but with none of those pesky enemies, pointless power-ups and frustrating obstructions. In fact it doesn't sound like much of a game at all...

Here's the key, though. Tricks performed and landed during the race increase your speed. The better the trick, the greater your increase in speed will be.

Also, some levels are set in areas designed solely for stunts. Such levels require you to earn as many style points as possible, by doing tricks. These levels are against the clock, and a set points score, rather than an opponent.

Unicycles are stupid and difficult, and yet fun, once you get the hang of them. Much the same could be said about Uniracers...

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Never quite understood the hype. I get bored playing this game pretty fast, even in two player mode. It's fast, I will give it that, and the unicycles are beautifully animated. But besides that...

Quem diria que um jogo de corrida de MONOCICLOS poderia ser divertido.
Acho que o maior ponto positivo desse jogo é que seus controles são simples, mas funcionam muito bem. Também existem diversas modalidades de jogo, mas todas elas tem algo em comum: as manobras.
Os gráficos do jogo são bastante coloridos e as pistas de corrida do game lembram muito uma espécie de "pista da hot wheels" futurista. Fora que a sensação de velocidade que o jogo tinha era muito real (As animações dos monociclos eram muito bem feitas).

é um jogo aleatório e inusitado, mas divertido e original ao mesmo tempo e apesar de não ter CARROS DE CORRIDA no jogo, o game não perde o seu brilho.

Such a good game, its a shame it will never get ported or remade officially :(

Fun and a great distraction for short periods of time.

Rented it with my brother as a kid once. Our lives were never quite the same.