Uuultra C

released on Sep 18, 2020

Taking place in the city of Soshigaya in the 1970s, 13 kaiju monsters suddenly emerge from a tv as Japan is preparing for the next World Expo! Taiyo Kamen Icarus is entrusted to bring down the monsters and restore peace to Japan.

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Confusing but I love the art direction and all the different main couples OUGH. the references are great......

they finally invented a vn that is fun as fuck to read p much from start to finish. amt of cgs in this and how well they're employed is a genuine feat. so in love w kurosawa's writing and the localization feels rly good, little is wasted yet so emotionally transparent even in its vaguest motions, especially strong in its characterization btwn ch 2 and 3's couples. maybe goes a bit too fast towards the climaxes of ch 1 + 2 but i really like how ch 3 denies closure in a way that's necessary for the couple at its center. devilman but make it tomorrow won't come

I was a little wary going into this because my feelings on Hashihime can best be described as complicated. As the years have gone by since I've read it, I do think it's a pretty good visual novel. However, it reaches such heights with Minakami's route, follows it up with another great route with Kawase, and then just sort of... drags on to the finish line. It also has a fairly mean-spirited true route that irritated me so much initially that it took me a while to warm back up to Hashihime even after how much I enjoyed the first few routes. Really, the main solace for me is that Rinko Kurosawa confirmed that the true ending's revelations are only canonical in that specific ending.
However, I'm happy to report that Uuultra C is a massive improvement. Rinko Kurosawa/ADELTA has really leaned into her knack for the surreal and psychedelic, and the world she weaves in Uuultra C is so creative and fun that I found myself wishing the game wouldn't end. She's also an expert at surreal comedy, there's some really enjoyable and funny banter here. ADELTA's art is as gorgeous as ever, and there's an incredible amount of it to see-- for a relatively short VN that can be finished under 20 hours, there's over 1K CGs (!). It's also an interesting departure from the typical romantic visual novel format-- While most of them have one main character and routes for each interest, Uuultra C is a collection of three intertwined stories, each featuring their own couple. With each route, more of the mysteries are unraveled, though obviously Kurosawa works operate on zero logic, so expect some pretty fantastical resolutions. Though it can be convoluted, Kurosawa demonstrates such a dedication to detail throughout the narrative-- If you pay attention to each character's thoughts and dialogue, even if it can be difficult at times due to the dense surrealism, you'll catch so many subtle answers that could otherwise be missed.
Each story feels very unique from the others, despite the occasional overlapping scene. For me, Shirou and Isshiki's route was probably my favorite. Despite her often abstract writing, ADELTA crafts such an interesting character dealing with internalized homophobia and a complex childhood love interest, among other things. Of course, Shoutarou and Juurou's stories are fantastic as well. Shoutarou and Akira are adorable, and Juurou and Yomi's story is one of intense, dark passion and longing.
If you've ever watched a kaiju movie or tokusatsu show and wondered what it would be like if the kaiju and the hero were gay and fell in love, this is your visual novel! This makes me beyond excited for ADELTA's upcoming work Ooe, here's to hoping it gets localized.

i really enjoyed this one! you can see the vast improvement compared to hashihime, the art and ost is brilliant as always and i think these visual novels are specially catered towards me because the plots are so oddly specific i sometimes think the writer straight up saw what's going on in my head.
the routes and pacing are definitely better than hashihime, though my only complaint is how some segments in the routes aren't very well explained, there's some plot holes that aren't ever resolved but other than that a very fun and fast experience, if you love the bl kaiju kamen rider sentai adventure, this game is for you, though there's some unsavory and triggering themes that you should be aware of

I was really excited for this game, even preordered the English release (which has a great translation btw, courtesy of MangaGamer) but even for Rinko Kurosawa standards it was a bit too chaotic/sporadic for me. I loved Hashihime, which was also characteristically chaotic/sporadic, but I feel like important things happened early enough in that game that I felt invested enough to continue (plus I think the atmosphere was a lot more intriguing). With Uuultra C, I just wasn't as hooked. The art/music are lovely, as is to be expected, but besides that this just wasn't for me, unfortunately. Still glad I gave it a go and there are definitely people I could recommend this to.

No need for extra words. You already know that if you'll like this or not