Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

released on Jun 22, 2006

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria is the second installment of the Valkyrie Profile series.
Taking place hundreds of years before the original game, the story revolves around two characters living the same body, named Silmeria and Alicia. Together, the two characters work to stop a catastrophe that could cause war between the people and the gods. The game received generally positive reviews, citing its similarity to the original Valkyrie Profile game and its beautiful graphics, but had a convoluted interface and a high degree of difficulty. The game went on to be re-released as a Square Enix "Ultimate Release".

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I love this. Cool character collection that isn't always the same makes for neat extra playthroughs. Combat is also a main draw and the platforming out of battles is excellent. Post game has a grind sadly, but it's to be expected. Great, solid playthrough and highly rec'd.

A simple but well told story with a unique and fun combat system. I really enjoyed the sealstone mechanic as well as the creative use of Alicia's photon ability. A bit too much backtracking, but hardly enough to be an actual problem.

Há esse jogo, pra mim o melhor jogo de RPG do PS2, ótimos personagens, uma puta história com um final chocante kkkk amo esse jogo S2

One of my favourite ps2 games. The characters the story the dynamics. I loved everything about this game. I'm just sad I can't play with it anymore.

Una verdadera chulada de juego.
Aunque sigo prefiriendo el primero por delante de este, aquí nos volvemos a encontrar con un muy buen sistema de combate, una banda sonorade muy buena calidad y unos buenos giros argumentales.
Como contrapunto, los combates dan poca experiencia y la historia de los einherjar en comparación al anterior es casi nula.

This is the first time I actually dropped a game of my own fruition
I want to like this game, I really do. I enjoyed the first game and was excited to get into the sequel. While I was optimistic for the first 2 hours, the next 5 were just filled with apathy and indifference. I really do want to continue and find out what happens next in the story, but I just don’t care about it anymore.
The combat is definitely more layered and complicated than the previous game and I do actually like the gameplay quite a bit. My problem with the gameplay is a combination of 3 things: complexity, pacing and exp distribution. Individually, these things wouldn’t be a problem, but because all 3 of these things are an issue simultaneously, it becomes a major issue for me. I like the increased complexity, and I don’t mind the slower paced combat or the splitting of exp among party members…but…there are times in this game where I had to grind. The increased complexity led to a much slower paced game, plus, if you got 1000 exp, it would split that 4-ways to 250 exp each. It takes ages to level up. Because of this, I got annoyed and bored really quickly.
Now…I’m not sure if I missed an area or anything like that, but there were a few times where I was suddenly going up against mooks that were way more powerful than anything I was previously going up against. To put this into perspective, I went from doing roughly 80-90 damage to about 20-30, and on some characters, I’m doing less than 10 damage. Honestly, was I missing something?
If my issue wasn’t necessarily my levels, but equipment, that just means I needed to grind for money and items to sell…which also takes a bit of time. Speaking of equipment, the way you get skills in this game is pretty dumb if you ask me. If you played something like Final Fantasy 9, think of that, but more convoluted; you need to equip certain pieces of equipment and then do a bunch of killing to get those skills. In FF9, you just needed to equip one piece and then do a bunch of quick killing and you got your skill or spell. In Valkyrie Profile 2, not only do you need to make sure that the correct runes in your equipment slots are placed next to each other, but you also need to make sure it’s the correct color as well, making you fiddle with your inventory way more than you should.
The short version is this: If you want any of the good stuff, or if you want to get anywhere in this game, you need to do some serious (and tedious) slow-paced grinding. Unnecessary complexity is what killed my enjoyment of this game.
Just because something is more complex doesn’t make it better.