Wanted: Dead

released on Feb 14, 2023

Wanted: Dead promises "spectacular melee combat and exciting gunplay," and is set in a "dark and dangerous version of science-fiction Hong Kong where you will need sharpened skills to survive."

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This game has it all.
Story? Nonsense
Voice acting? “the Room” levels of dedication
Gameplay? Broken
Stability? Also broken
Mini games? Plenty? But also broken
Pacing? Nonexistent, especially the difficulty spike in the last chapter
It’s like if the deadly premonition team wanted to make ninja gaiden meets dead to rights.
I cannot recommend anyone buy this game, but they should definitely play it.

I really like this game. I do not recommend this game to most.
This is akin to a PS2/3 game that released in 2023. Almost every gameplay element in this game is outdated, the story is nonsensical, the voice over is so bad it's good, and there's performance issues.
With all that being said, I finished this game in two sittings. I couldn't stop playing it. It's a cluster-fuck of a game, but there's something underneath the doody and poor design choices that I really enjoy. I only recommend this to those that can look past a number of issues in a game AND only buy it on a sale. I got my copy for $20 and I couldn't be happier.

What exactly Wanted Dead aims to be? Boy, I do not know and I certainly do not want to. It is Ninja Gaiden and not Ninja Gaiden at the exact same time. Soleil has some appreciable games. I personally would advocate for Samurai Jack and even for Naruto to Boruto. Valkyrie Elysium, despite all its jankiness again, is nowhere being this bad. The voice acting is just so lame in this one. The story is nothing to be taken serious of. It somehow captures the worst parts of Ninja Gaiden mentality while leaving the best part of it (swordplay obviously) out. It has your usual Japanese/Eastern game awkwardness with Deutsch karaoke and some manga inspired cutscenes, crane games, bozo characters and so on. All combined and melted in a single pot it's just a soul devouring experience. Can be very tough overall and shames you with cat ears when you decrease the difficulty. Hurray! IDGAF. If not fun, why bother? I loved the soundtrack at least.
Outdated and born dead as unfortunate as it is.

I'm the first person to go "Bad Game: Snore, but Bad Game (Japan): [soyjak pointing emote]", but holy shit this game is a pile of nothing.
It gets 2 stars instead of 1 because of the credits song. Plus the fact the karaoke mini-game is just for "99 Luftballons" and no other song.

surprising amount of heart
the combat is very reactive with a heavy emphasis on the two types of parries over combos while mixing in third person shooter gameplay. It can be a challenge to get the hang of at first, but use the built-in combat practice to get the hang of it. The story is almost hitting on some legit themes about dehumanizing ourselves to corporations for money though it's not quite at the forefront enough to fully land but I'm surprised it was aiming that high. it does feel like it could have used one or two more levels before the endgame though

An absolute disaster. Every aspect of this game is a complete mess, to the point where there's no point in even criticizing anything.
It also is, I should add, absolutely hilarious. Everything is so incompetently made that it kind of circles back around to being enjoyable. It's like a bad Bruce Willis action movie in video game form.
So, my verdict is I absolutely recommend this, 2/10.