Wario World

released on Jun 20, 2003

While Wario enjoys the riches from his many adventures, a mysterious black jewel in his trove transforms gems into monsters. Now, Wario must scramble to recover his riches in an alternate world filled with quirky puzzles, swarming enemies, and lots of loot. As Wario, you'll punch, kick, jump, grab monsters and objects, and inhale surrounding coins like a vacuum cleaner. You must cling to 3D balls to fight bosses, find hidden areas through trap doors, and bash your surroundings to uncover secrets.

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Pretty fun if simplistic beat-em-up. Oozes in Wario charm with its weird sound effects and music. The bosses are wonderfully quirky as well, though some more enemy variety would have been nice.

Unique 3D platformer with a lot of jank and some lackluster levels here and there but generally solid. The gameplay of Wario Land series transfers surprisingly well into the third dimension, and it's a shame we haven't seen any big releases in this style since.

One of my favorite 3D platformers. The music is fantastic and the boss fights are very creative. This shows how much potential there is within the Wario series. The enemies are sadly generic and copy-pasted but the treasure-hunting puzzles are fun and can get very creative. Great game

Such a great game. I've replayed it a few times and it never gets old.

its WARIO!! And its a fun, thrilling platformer that can be both short and sweet, or a good lenghty game if you aiming for 100%
A great game that definitely deserves more recognition

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