WarioWare: Smooth Moves

released on Dec 02, 2006

Wario and his pals learn fun, wacky moves after discovering a strange book and a mystical device called the Form Baton. Familiar characters from the WarioWare universe will return to this installment and some new ones will appear. Players must clear fast-paced sets of microgames, changing the way they hold the Wii Remote each time.

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best party game / wario ware oat

Esse é facilmente o MELHOR Warioware existente. Ele usa e abusa da criatividade com o Wii remote, as poses são uma ótima adição ao jogo, deixa ele mais divertido e difícil de enjoar. Jogo perfeito!

A lot of fun and actually great use of the Wii’s controller!

It's WarioWare Smooth Moves! The game definitely has the most charm and i'm excited to see if Move It can bring that same charm, maybe even more!

warioware is fun, and the wii was a great system for it