WarioWare: Twisted!

released on Oct 14, 2004

After accidentally discovering spin technology, Wario reassembles the developers at WarioWare, Inc. to make a new set of wild minigames. WarioWare: Twisted! maintains the fast-paced style of gameplay from the original WarioWare and introduces a new gyro sensor that lets you control the gameplay by rotating the Game Boy Advance SP left and right. The new controls play into more than 200 minigames. Play through them all to unlock souvenirs, such as bonus games, figurines, and instruments.

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Even more solid than the game that can before it!
Again, the little storylines and characters in this game and series I think are so charming and fun. This game introduced 18-Volt too! Very cool to see his first appearance in a WarioWare game.
This game's gimmick was surprisingly more fun than I'd thought it'd be. You have to move your GBA (Or 3DS, if you're me) to play the microgames, with some of them requiring you to press A at certain points. This was a ton of fun and it works really well! I also love all the bonus things, A.K.A the souvenirs. I didn't think only the second WarioWare game would have collectables like this, and I do hope to get them all sometime.
This game is definitely better than it's predecessor, and I hope I can play it more in the future sometime!

This is where WarioWare defined its identity as this kind of whacky and over the top bunch of tech demos joined together in a bizarre, yet incredibly fun compilation, and I'm all for it.

Takes all the aspects of the original warioware and polishes it to an insane degree. The amount of charm oozing out of this game is crazy, especially for the GBA of all things. The twisting mechanic is also weirdly satisfying and works very nicely.

Como dis... Como que si te enseñan un bebé y dices "esta bonito", este, obvia... Y en tu mente no piensas eso es que no estas siendo sincero, pero si lo dices que "está bien culero", se oye feo

A game I go back to a LOT. This one is so fun to pick up and play. Has great microgames and so many fun minigames that I've replayed many times over the years.

Always thought it was just a lesser "Inc." with a gimmick, yet it's way more content rich! Hell, it has more to offer than the recent Get it Together, which is just kinda sad.
I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the central gimmick, but the amount of variation is staggering, and all the doodads you unlock are cool as hell.