released on Oct 02, 2019

A beautifully presented tale of unforgiving combat in a war torn city. Warsaw is a WWII turn-based tactical rpg with beautiful hand painted graphics. Lead a small, dedicated outfit of civilians and soldiers with their unique skills in their fight to take back the city besieged by occupying forces.

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FFO: Darkest Dungeon, Turn-Based Battles (namely Suikoden), History
If you're into Darkest Dungeon and history you should definitely try this. Even if you're not that into the gameplay, I think it's worth playing for the unique atmosphere it has. Bleak but hopeful, there's a sad humanism in meeting these interesting characters and learning more about them while fighting with them. As you go on, resources dwindle, districts fall, until ultimately the uprising is violently put down. There's a real feeling expressed through the gameplay of trying to find the strength to fight on while the world crumbles around you no matter how hard you fight to stop it.
While this makes one playthrough very emotionally impactful, the necessary slog and difficulty of the combat and resource management makes me very hesitant to do multiple campaigns the way people would for other games in the genre. I also recommend playing on easy your first time. If you have to keep starting over, you're probably going to quit this game and never make it to the end. While you certainly do lose a little something by playing on easy- for example I only lost one person by the end, and I was absolutely destroying the nazis in one turn- just fuckin one-shot sniping them and nuking them with molotovs which was pretty satisfying in its own way. You'd have a much more stronger feel for the loss and attrition playing on normal, but as I said, you're just probably never going to make it. That's part of the game, but this is a game that's worth seeing to the end. Drop it to easy before giving up, that's all I ask.

This game's ridiculous difficulty is probably the reason the average score is so low, it's really undeserved and you shouldn't ignore Warsaw. The gameplay is pretty solid for an rpg, with a seriously gritty atmosphere and an incredible art style. The difficulty is, in my opinion, the most appealing thing about it - if you don't want a tough, stressful experience that is constantly challenging you to overcome it, then this isn't the game for you. If you do want that challenge, and especially if you're interested in World War Two, I can't recommend this enough.