We Love Katamari

released on Jul 06, 2005

We Love Katamari, is a third-person puzzle-action video game where the player controls the Prince, the 5-centimeter-tall son of the god-like entity the King of All Cosmos, who rolls around a "katamari", a magical ball that causes objects smaller than it to attach to it. Throughout each level, the play must collect objects in order to fulfill objectives set by the prince's father.

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Katamari Damacy again except the non "grow it to X meters" levels suck less this time! Appreciate them making time trial versions of the levels once you've completed all of them, I definitely was feeling kinda tired of spending 6-15 minutes per level by the end. King lore was cute.

it's peak....
I recently bought a CRT and I wanted a game to test it on, and since this game is so short, I may as well replay it. long and short is that katamari feels like a game that's happy not in spite of everything but because of everything.

I never even knew this one existed when I was a kid. Playing it recently I didn't have any expectations but I was shocked to find it's actually better than the original.
Better co-op, more level variety, better pacing and level structure, and it maintains everything that made the first great. Even the soundtrack lives up to the heights of the original. I really do love Katamari!

I think this is my favorite Katamari of the franchise. The variety of mission objectives keeps the experience fresh, while still being fun and goofy to play like always. What a fun time!

Katamari is Glorious Soviet masterpiece. Within Katamari, all is equal. Within Katamari, all is shared. The Glorious Soviet Katamari will roll over your capitalist individual wealth and in the end, you will be equal to all parts of the new Motherland. Even Karl Marx is... rolling in his grave, so to speak. ---Domura

God perfects game
Gave me headaches as a kid and I was a huge hater then I stopped getting them and I'm so glad