What the Bat?

released on Nov 17, 2022

You have baseball bats for hands - now go! In this surprising VR comedy, you play through a series of silly physical mini-games that make you laugh, cry and even pet nice animals.

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One of the better VR2 launch titles that I've played so far.

Very charming game and quite fun too.
The levels are creative, funny, and simple enough that you should never get stuck on them.
I do lament the fact that some very interesting and fun mechanics end after like 2 minigames, whereas other not as engaging mechanics go on for loooong.
Still, the game was fun and it doesn't overstay its welcome, there is oooone thing tho: FUCK THAT FINAL SEGMENT WITH THE TOAST, IT'S LITERALLY THE HARDEST TOAST TO INSERT

Played on my friends PSVR2 for a test. Only played a few levels but it's a cute game that seems perfect to play if you want to teach your friends VR basics.

The closest thing to WarioWare on VR. Like What the Golf but you have baseball bats for hands. Levels are super fast paced. You solve a quick puzzle attached to a gimmick/joke and move right along. Very fun, pretty funny, surprisingly decent amount of content (I’d guess like 4-5 hours). Starts to wear a tiny bit thin toward the end but by that point it’s already over.