Windjammers 2

released on Jan 20, 2022
by DotEmu

Windjammers 2 will combine everything fans love about the classic title with entirely hand-drawn 2D animations to create the ultimate windjamming experience. The coming sequel will bring new stages and players, surprising and amazing new power moves and enhanced gameplay mechanics!

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Score: 81/100
Even though it lacks modes and needs a better tutorial, Windjammers 2 is just so much damn fun that those flaws barely bring down the experience.

This game is currently in the Humble Choice for May 2023, this is part of my coverage of the bundle. If you are interested in the game and it's before June 6th, 2022, consider picking up the game as part of the current monthly bundle.
An Arcade Sports game, a sequel to the original.
On Neo-Geo, there was an interesting game called Windjammers where players would fling a disc back and forth to score points. Windjammers 2 came out of nowhere reviving a game that had a cult following. This is like a HD remake of the original, now with online play, and the same arcade mode.
Did you notice I didn’t say they made it better? This feels very much like a remake of the original, and I’m sure fans of both might be able to point to different pieces, such as four new characters and such. However, they also are the target audience. This game doesn’t have a good tutorial, amounting to about 20 static images. The Main game is just a line of battles with three difficulties, where nothing is explained when you reach the bonus games, and online is just play against an opponent and that’s it. The problem is there is enough strategy to the game that it could have used a small tutorial mode, but it’s clear the developer made this a very bare-bones experience, perhaps because if it wasn’t trial and error, it would be even more straightforward.
Pick this up if you want to play a sports game against friends. The computer is way too good at the game, but also, playing through the game against the CPU will only take 30 minutes once you’re good enough. This is meant to be played against other players and online had only 5 players when I started the game. Play this in local mode, or maybe just play something else.
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This is the most fun I've ever had with a frisbee.

Windjammers is pretty much Pong spliced with the DNA of a fighting game. Anything about different movesets, combos, specials, etc you could say about beating up dudes and dudettes in a fighting game you could say about tossing a frisbee in Windjammers. It's certainly more on the accessible side, but considering how, uh, loud it can get as a couch multiplayer game I'm sure it could hold up pretty well in a more competitive setting.
Apparently the game was big in France, and it was a French company that handled the Switch port and the subsequent sequel. The sequel is exactly what you want from any such thing. The basic moveset is unspoiled, and the new moves are integrated in a way that enhances the core. Ditto for the new court gimmicks. And since the company is French they made sure to make the new French character the hottest.
It's Windjammers 2 and it fucking rules.

a sequel to the greatest fighting game ever made, and it lives up to everything its predecessor was

hace todo lo que hacia el primero pero mejorado, lo que es una pena es que ni piter juega este juego (al menos en europa), pero bueno llevo 2 horas y probablemente le eche un 3 o 4 mas porque al final solo haya jugando 2 personas en el online (maskeria y yo) es un poco mierda