Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

released on Mar 03, 2023

Set in the Later Han Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms,
a nameless militia soldier uses the swordplay of the Chinese martial arts to battle demons in a dark fantasy world.

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Uma mistura de hack in slash com souls, bem divertido.

Anything Three Kingdoms related is so boring at this point. The characters are indistinguishable and incredibly lame. Lu Bu is cool. But anyone who has cut their teeth on Dynasty Warriors knows that already.
The game wants to tell a story. But for how bad the cutscenes are, there are far too many of them. The game is only worth paying attention to during its hectic combat scenarios. But even when you dig into those, you find too many flaws.
The game is heavily balanced around parrying and fatal strikes. Ultimately, you're rewarded for patiently holding your sword, and baiting an enemy into fatal strike opportunities. It's effective, yet boring. Because you can't cancel out of regular attacks, you're often punished for going on the offensive. You are given other tools to unleash damage in the form of Wizardry and Martial Arts, but neither feel satisfying. Character builds are tedious and ultimately disappointing. The loot system is a huge waste of time. Prepare to send mountains of equipment to the salvage yard.

Bom jogo, gráficos e história deixam bastante a desejar, mas a gameplay dele é de um ritmo bem agradável e preciso, me lembra bastante de sekiro, embora haja mais atalhos, fiz quase toda a experiência coop com um amigo, o que com certeza torna o jogo mais divertido, não era de se esperar um jogo digno de nova geração, embora ao meu ver poderia ser mais polido e bem produzido, n deixa de ser um desafio e bem satisfatório também

Biraz uzun geldi aslında bitirirdim.

tentei mas a porra do jogo tem um port de MERDA pra PC

10 fps gaming verycool. 10 fps parrying not so cool. Bland environments and enemy design, just not worth