WWE '12

released on Nov 22, 2011
by Yuke's



World Wrestling Entertainment enthusiasts try to take the title under a new title in WWE '12: a continuation of the series from THQ and Yuke's, with its due serving of raw smackdowns, despite the shortened name. The expanded roster includes contemporary stars such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Miz, as well as player-created Superstars, assigned custom entrances, finishing moves, and storylines. The game centers on a main campaign that runs through 18 months of WWE programming and two WrestleMania championships.

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I enjoyed this game for zero reason. Sunk multiple hours in it.

Played for RTWM. Other than that was worst of the WWE series.

I sunk too many hours into this game. The online modes never worked but that never stopped me from trying to play them.

After the great SVR2011 this felt like a huge step down. Object physics weren't as good and I remember the camera always being stuck somewhere during ladder matches.
I believe they also removed some stuff. Anyways, I didn't spend much time with this one and skipped WWE13 because of it

Best universe mode and fun RTWM. The combat is a bit too slow.

Hands down the best campaign in my opinion. I loved the evil, neutral and good guy storylines. WWE Universe mode at its peak