WWE 2K17

released on Oct 11, 2016
by 2K



Welcome to Suplex City, courtesy of cover Superstar Brock Lesnar! WWE 2K17 arrives as the reigning and defending flagship WWE video game franchise champion! WWE 2K17 features stunning graphics, ultra-authentic gameplay and a massive roster of WWE and NXT's popular Superstars and Legends.

Experience the most authentic WWE gameplay ever, featuring thousands of new moves and animations, backstage and in-arena brawling, and the biggest roster of WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends to date.

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This was played exclusively online with friends and was a blast in short bursts but alas a shutdown made the best parts of this game unplayable. No need to ever go back to this or even buy it but I still enjoyed the portion of the game I played.
In Summary: R.I.P WWE 2K17 custom wrestlers :(

All these 2K games just blend together.

Weaker than I remembered. Roster/Graphics were great but there was no substance to the career mode (not having VO for your character was a big hit), the Universe Mode changes were cool at first but grew to become unneccesary, Creation Suite was expanded on PERFECTLY though, so a weird oddball of a wrestling game

One of the more forgettable entries in the WWE 2K series. Regrettably got rid of showcase mode and had a weak Hall of Fame DLC. Had some major glitches too.

I forget what this one even had, just gonna assume its like the games released around it.