WWE Crush Hour

released on Mar 17, 2003

WWE Crush Hour is a vehicular combat video game published by THQ and released in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. An Xbox version was planned but canceled.

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Everything about the premise of this game should have made it the most exciting thing to play. It was not, really bad game design all around in its objectives, player controls and overall gameplay. at least the aesthetic is there.

em unique? not sure what to say its not good like each charter has a unique vehicle i guess and there loads of weapons game modes like this has what it needs but it just sucks

o gameplay é mal programado e a hitbox quase não existe, mas a história é tão megalomaníaca, ridícula e sem noção que vale a pena jogar.

The unstoppable combo of kid me and licensed video games cannot be stopped because I somehow kept playing absolute bangers.

I thought this was mario kart with WWE wrestlers

Great multiplayer game. A rare type of game featuring WWE wrestlers and they're not wrestling, however through vehicular combat and magic powers.