WWE Raw 2

released on Sep 15, 2003

WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression, known as simply WWE Raw 2, is the sequel to WWF Raw. It features enhanced graphics and gameplay, a story mode, and more than 60 WWE superstars. WWE Raw 2 showcases its new features in eight arenas that come to life with 3D crowds and special effects. The enhanced gameplay controls provide better grappling, more balanced momentum shifts, and a realistic AI. Now you can play in different modes including multiplayer season mode, Exhibition, Season, King of The Ring, Royal Rumble, expanded Title Match, and Create-A-Superstar. The game also includes Hell in a Cell and TLC match types.

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Done everything that can be done. Love this game, but got a lot more nostalgia for it than I should.

Had so much potential. Offered innovative customisation features and a great roster but unfortunately the gameplay was horrible and sluggish. The season mode also felt very bare bones, giving you little reason to keep playing.