WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy

released on Nov 17, 2000

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WWF No Mercy

released on Nov 17, 2000

THQ's second WWF and fifth wrestling game for the N64 will feature enhanced customization options, a whopping 80 snarling gladiators and Transfer Pak links with two GBC-only WWF games.

Associate producer Mike Sparks boasts of a "guest referee" mode, in which any wrestler can ajudicate the action or start whacking away at the rivals at any time, and a novel "Smackdown Mall." Points earned by mastering the still-unnamed GBC Paks will be needed to buy costume items, unlock wrestlers and get other goodies.

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I'm going to give you the exact and most important reason of why WWF No Mercy is contender for being the best wrestling game ever made, and a game that could be enjoyed by anyone, wrestling fan or not: ridiculous amount of customization.

I mean it. It can be astonishingly deep if you let it consume your inner creative senses. But yeah, it's blocky and the creation suite it's not the best ever made, at all. Entrances were a lot better in Wrestlemania 2000 too, and we can't modify superstars' movesets. But do we even need to? I don't think so. Yes, the create-a-superstar mode is great for the time and it's still pretty deep, in both looks and moveset (even though you can't go bollocks and create goblins or angels like in more modern titles). But the thing that makes this the pinnacle of wrestling is how you can edit what you shouldn't edit.

You made a male superstar and wanted to kick Chyna's ass for the Women's title and be dressed in bikini? You sure as hell can fucking do it. Wanna edit every part of the roster to make stories around your peers, family or even fictional federations of your own? Go for it! Wanna make a sissy, overly feminine girl and beat the Rock for the WWF title? Be my guess. The Story Mode, which is not open ended but surely gives bifurcations around decisions and winning/losing, doesn't give a fuck about gender, occupation, weight, nothing about who holds what and why. If you make Eddie Guerrero wear The Undertaker's attire and transform his gimmick into Eddie Taker, who the hell is stopping you man? You can maintain the roster to your liking, and not being able to modify moves from the base roster is not that big of a deal honestly. Add in a good amount of unlockables and you got yourself suited, if you wanted to make a fake wrestling show. Wrestlemania 2000 gave you a sandbox experience without a trace of storytelling. This got a little more contained, but offered the same amount of freedom.

This is an unholy amount of customization more games should try to compass. And I'm not talking about other wrestling releases, but videogames in general. The closest thing I can think about customizing the ins and outs of a story, non-wrestling related, is the Dynasty Warriors Empires series. Maybe XCOM. Soul Calibur 5/6? We sure need more sandboxy experiences that don't depend on stupid rigid parameters. Edit the shit out of the game. Make it your own.

That's a level not even Here Comes the Pain, WWE 2K14 nor Fire Pro tend to get into. MDickie really studied his stuff.

Most people praise this game the most but I give Wrestlemania 2000 the edge.

Easily the greatest wrestling game of all time. Fantastic customizaion, fun gameplay thats the perfect balance of arcadey and simulation, a great roster, fun modes, no complaints here. Just an incredible wrestling game.