WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It

released on Nov 16, 2001
by Yuke's



Lay the smackdown on PlayStation 2 with The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and over 30 more of your grappling favourites in this amazing update of the fastest-selling game of all time!
Features a brand new interactive story mode allowing you to lead your own created wrestler to championship glory. Play with up to three friends in over 78 different Exhibition match variations, including TLC and the deadly Hell in a Cell! Other new features include full commentary from Tazz and Michael Cole, full wrestler entrances and intelligent referees.
Just get it.

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Why does Michael Cole sound like he just had a lobotomy in this game.

More fighting games should have Fred Durst as an unlockable character.
Do it Arcsys, we don't need Elphelt in Strive, add Fred Durst instead.

Disappointing wrestling game, especially for this series. Will give it this, it was the 1st wrestling game I played where there were 8 wrestlers in the ring at the same time. Wouldn’t see that again for a long time.

Fun for a short period but in the end, what I'll remember most from my time with JBI is the non existent story mode, painful load times and laughable commentary. It's opening video package kicked ass though so that's summit.
Main Story

Just Bring It walked so the other 7th gen games could run. Basically a sequel to Smackdown! 2.

all time commentary in a wrestling game