WWF WARZONE is here, featuring the top superstars in the World Wrestling Federation! Signature and finishing moves unique to each wrestler. Specialized matches including Steel Cage Match. Four-player action with Tag Team, Tornado, War, and Training Modes! Over 300 motion captured maneuvers. Create and save up to 30 customized wrestlers!

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For my 10th birthday I received a Nintendo 64, and with it: Super Mario 64, Pokémon Stadium, Castlevania 64, and WWF War Zone. Somehow Castlevania 64 had the longest-lasting influence on my tastes out of all of them.
As for War Zone, it was a lot of fun when it was the only 3D wrestling game I owned, but once Wrestlemania 2000 released and I got a taste of AKI Corporation’s smooth grappling mechanics I never looked back. The commentary and random sound bites from the wrestlers are still pretty funny though.

Ok gameplay, medium graphics and one of the best character creation mode to date. This game was simple fun, back in the day. The good thing here is the gameplay was not that awful with helps when playing with friends. basic game.

Was only good because there was nothing else better, and now that there is, this game's only use is listening to Ahmed Johnson's promos.

bought this because i knew the n64 wrestling games were good, little did i know there were bad ones too.

When any longtime wrestling game player thinks of the Acclaim PS1/N64 WWF games they probably only think of two things, the fucking terrible Mortal Kombat-esque inputs for the moves and the hilarious voiceovers from the wrestlers.
One fun thing about War Zone is how overly out of date it was. You think the 2K games these days are bad? This game was released in the middle of 1998, the Montreal Screwjob would've been eight months ago and Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith are still on the roster. The Rock is also in a weird flux where he's voiced and appears in the FMVs as his boring vanilla babyface character, but has Nation of Domination music and "The Rock" on his trunks.
While this game is stupid I don't think it's too terrible, but when the only thing you have over WCW/nWo World Tour is Mick Foley going "HUH-ZHAH!" then you have some serious fucking problems.
Also why are there no ring ropes in the cage match? What the fuck.