Year Walk

released on Feb 21, 2013
by Simogo

In the old days man tried to catch a glimpse of the future in the strangest of ways. Experience the ancient Swedish phenomena of year walking through a different kind of first person adventure that blurs the line between two and three dimensions, as well as reality and the supernatural.

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It's a very spooky and evocative game with a lot of polish, but it just didnn't grab me. While I love the production values, I just couldn't get really into scrolling around the world and solving little puzzles.

This thing is creepy, twisted and surreal.

Just how I like my horror games.

Gave me Marble Hornets vibes in the very end.

Only got got by one of the jump scares.

In contrast to some other reviews, I think the post-game is a huge improvement on the game itself. The world-building and lore is what kept me clicking and learning more.

Pretty scary, pretty short, pretty good. If you like horror games, give this a shot.
Only real complaint is that everything that happens after the first credits honestly just makes the game worse.

I played this on release, complete with the companion app, saw it all, full completion. I would be surprised if it aged very well, but it was incredibly impressive at the time, and struck a great blend of horror (despite its platform of tiny iPhone 3 screens) and point and click puzzles. It stuck with me for years after finishing it, I told a lot of people to check it out. Worth your time.

It was ok. Had some worthwhile original ideas. But I’m not sure I could recommend it.