Yoshi's Island DS

released on Nov 13, 2006

Yoshi's Island DS is a 2D platformer for the Nintendo DS in the Yoshi's Island series. It is the sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where Kamek and the Toadies have kidnapped all the babies in the world in search for the star children, a group of seven babies who possess powerful stars in their hearts. While the game is heavily derivative from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, including general gameplay, themes, and graphics, the game primarily differentiates itself from its predecessor by taking advantage of the Nintendo DS's dual screen to display levels while introducing multiple babies to carry on Yoshi's back, who all have special abilities that are required to complete levels.

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I know that the original Yoshi's Island is something of a gold standard for 2D platformers, but I think the vitriol against this game is overblown.
Compared to other Yoshi games, this is an acceptable sequel which retains such a high difficulty curve that I quit playing by the end of the fourth world.

One of the better Yoshi games. I would like if this sub-franchise would continue.

A good platformer but none of the additions really add anything to the original. The multiple characters are a neat gimmick but it comes off as nothing more than a novelty. Still a good platformer though.

Even though I liked playing this game when I was younger, it still has it's issues. I personally really liked the original game, and this one has fun level design + is pretty content rich, but the presentation and music are just not for me. I guess that's a pretty common theming that more modern Yoshi games decided to steer towards, but I just don't feel like it was the move for Island. I would still play it if you were a fan of the original, just to see what YI level design would look like after a 10 year break.

If Baby Wario didn't make that noise this game would have a better rating.

-Baby Mario