Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

released on Feb 16, 2012

The second game in the Zero Escape series.
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is a mystery/thriller visual novel. It is story focused with multiple endings that use player choices and puzzle rooms to progress.

Additions to the game include an 'auto-advance text' mode, so players can listen to the voice acting without clicking through dialog, a memo function that allows players to note anything they feel is useful, and a flow chart that shows how alternate choices unfold. The in-game calculator has been removed.

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u will be sick of seeing doors open

Took a bit longer to get into this one than 999, but I enjoyed it more as it went on.

as a story this shit is pretty good. as a game though this shit is pretty mid. luckily, this is a visual novel so the game part matters less. the puzzles were very fun to solve and probably my favorite part of the game. definitely worked my brain. the scene reuse though is so ass. killed the pacing so much which in turn really messed with the flow of the story. ive not heard great things about the sequel which makes me disappointed a bit with how this game ended.
Even though we technically spent more time with these characters most of them failed to be as appealing as the 999 cast. There's just a certain charm lacking I feel. The OST also mostly feels reused which does take away a bit of uniqueness. Even with the downsides, the plot twists and reveals do manage to continuously hook you back in which im happy is the case. Overall, a good recommendation from Tony.

I like the puzzle rooms more than in 999, but I like almost everything else about 999 more.

I really enjoy this game. The story is crazy and longer than the previous one, the rooms are more challenging, and the characters all bring unique flare(even if I prefer the first cast overall). But the change to 3D sprites as opposed to the 2D ones used in the previous is disappointing and not as interesting to look at. While the first game did have big twists, I don't have any issue with any of those really. This one also has some twists that I felt were good and some had me rolling my eyes. It also doesn't really end as satisfyingly as the previous one and I felt a lot of this ending relies on you waiting till the next one to get some answers which the previous game had but wasn't as imperative. Still love this one for the most part though.
Personal Character Rankings
K- 8.8/10
Zero III(AKA Lagamorth, AKA The Bunny)- 8.8/10
Luna- 8.7/10
Tenmyouji- 8.5/10
Sigma- 8.3/10
Dio- 8.0/10
Phi- 7.6/10
Alice- 7.3/10
Quark- 7.2/10
Clover- 7.1/10
The Old Woman- 7.0/10