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An instant favorite. It’s everything you could possibly want in a 90s throw back, minus the 2D sprites and plus the HD resolution, mouse aiming, creative level design, uniquely simple but somehow freighting enemies, frantic play and addictive gameplay. On some levels I would even try to see how many enemies I could get fighting each other, something I did all the time with Doom. And yes, they do fight and kill each other. It's glorious.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2020


Dusk gives off the impression that most old-school tribute games do: "I love this thing so much that I'm going to make it again." I mean, look at it -- it's not unwarranted.

You can rest easy, though, knowing that amidst the strafe-jumping through viscera at 60mph, Dusk is a virtuosic exploration of the old-school FPS that still manages to sneak some innovation in between the lean musculature of its level design. Hope you like your keys primary-colored!

Reviewed on Dec 21, 2019