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This game will be insane on the PS5

I finished this out way back in the day, but I thought for some reason I'd write a review to a game that I think has been unfairly judged both when it came out and over the years. I played this through when I was beating all of the numbered Final Fantasy games back to back, and I gotta say that it was a breath of fresh air compared to 12 and 13, with a story that might be simple in comparison to those, but because of it being stripped down they were able to improve the mechanics and actually introduce a villain with some presence and a goal. These games were always made in part by their villain, and just the fact that Caius existed and his goal was relayed to the player put him far above any villain from 12 or 13. I also just really liked the atmosphere and music(the soundtrack is electronic, ethereal, and still bumps occasionally. Listening to it in part inspired this review), I felt like it had a really original tone and some creative ideas i.e. the location where the sky appeared to be more land. The fan service with Ultros and Gilgamesh also filled my heart with glee, and the two characters the game sticks you with are actually likable for once. Would have made the Moogle less obnoxious but at least you can chuck him like a football. All and all I still think this was the best main FF game since 10 when it came out, and my enjoyment while playing it still rivals 15.

In conclusion, it was the one saving grace to come out of this whole trilogy. I like the cheeky tone of Lightning Returns too, but ironically for the most part.

The timing in this game is abysmal. The song choice is alright, however the compositions are questionable.

Just literally download the demo, it's a free game.

The definitive version of Yakuza 2. I will always recommend the OG before Kiwami 2, you do not understand what you are missing. Knocking off half a star because I found myself holding down the R2 button 80% of the time to adjust the camera zoom while roaming around. The story is really, really great. Soundtrack is good. Characters are likable.

The gameplay is pretty good and the music is pretty rocking, it just ends where it clearly should've had a few more levels and a few more bosses

3 > 1 > 2 = ODST > Reach >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4

An essential title to play for the Vita. The first version for this game on Wii does not compare well, the Vita port is entirely improved upon, in both translation and gameplay aspects. The art is very crisp and beautiful. The soundtrack sets the tone well. I honestly want this to be available to play on the big Playstation consoles, but if you are lucky and have a Playstation TV, you can enjoy it on the big screen.

Good but the original has more variety to the gameplay
Great music

It's free and great I don't know why you're not playing it

Extremely fun puzzle type game. Extremely saddened by the English server shutting down, however I'm still playing the Japanese version from time to time. There is a point where the difficulty spikes later on, and you most likely wouldn't be able to complete the stage without all Z rank puni, but there are plenty of hours of playtime before that. The side quests, collaboration events, and daily events do help this game keep you interested.
It is entirely possible to never throw down money towards this game as long as you are patient.

Really good game. I think this game sets itself apart very well from the other games on the same engine, especially the fact it is a prequel to the entire series.

Super fun snowboarding game. The soundtrack in this game is what makes me love it more than Snowboard Kids 1.

This game is as bad as Dark Souls 3. Although it swears it is not like another Soulsbourne game, the enemy placements are very manufactured.

Extremely deep mechanically speaking but if you don't have good gear/level you won't be able to do shit

Solid easy-to-grasp gameplay and cool bossfights
Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the previous From Soft games

Again, nothing particularity special here, but I like where they're heading with Yuri.

Decent fun with a friend, but not nearly as interesting or tightly-designed as its predecessor. Not recommended with a co-op partner.

Sprinting across stagnant Space Hulkish randomly-generated-feeling prefabs for hours to get to the next miserable cutscene. I failed to feel that there was much of an emotional core behind this game at all - the fact that when a character cries after a big plot revelation you tick off a previously empty Magical Mcguffin checkbox gamifies the whole ordeal and makes it all feel synthetic. You actually cry out tears that become equipment. Looking at a loading screen and literally seeing how many Sad Scenes I've got coming up is so deflating lol. I'm all for emotionally exhausting games!!! This just left me feeling bored out my gourd.

The story is interesting, but betrayed by the fact that it insists on being a sprawling action RPG, something it isn't competent enough at. Let this be a visual novel so I could think lucidly about whatever the fuck it's trying to say, my mind is too numb to come to a quality conclusion.
Goodass OST though!!! Choice cuts:

This game makes me hate myself. This is the first "git gud" game.

The only bad thing about this is the outdated engine
Amazing music

It's cute but also creepy
The music is very moody

Incredible soundtrack. Gameplay was fluid for the time it was released. You should definitely check out this game if you want to know the roots of stealth-type games.

If a game from 2006 can make zombie killing this satisfying I can't see why a game from 20XX can't
Great (and weird) music selection

I think there's much to love in this game. Between the artstyle, the music being a mix of remixes of classical music and original music and the humour there is a story that can be quite captivating along with a series of puzzles which can range from easy to downright obscure. There's a final section that I could consider as padding but I personally find it hilarious
Amazing music

Did not enjoy Majora's Mask at all. Maybe it is due to me comparing it to Ocarina of Time, but the clock system really ruins the game flow.

Satisfying to play. The controls feel very smooth compared to other similar titles. Variety of things to accomplish and explore. One thing that sets this game back is the amount of empty space between populated areas.