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Surprisingly robust for a PSP game, with huge levels and an epic storyline. People get overly excited about all the options the game allows and the skill tree but all bosses devolve into button mashing and spamming the sheer shit out of force lightning. The bosses tend to drag ESPECIALLY the final boss. It should have ended after the 2nd to last boss, which probably would have been more memorable as the game's final showdown, for obvious reasons.

Literally, the best title in the series. CJ as a character is well thought and funny, character wise he's the funniest one, thus also having some memorable lines, overall, he's the 2nd best main character of the series right after Tommy and just before Niko. Here, Rockstar outdid itself so well from Vice City, that even future titles could hardly compete with the quality of San Andreas. Here Rockstar used the same formula of hiring people who are actually in touch with the milieu of the characters, but bringing it even a step further.

This game's cool and all, really fun with superb controls, but it's just too easy. I think they could've made the game a little harder.

Awesome music and visuals, mediocre combat, but it's ok since they was going for an interactive movie kind of thing. Hard to believe Hideki Kamiya wasn't involved with this game at all, given how many Space Harrier sections there are.

I goddamn loved this game. When I got it, someone challenged me to a race to see who could get all the achievements first. Early on in the game you play as Vader and on one segment of precarious timber bridge is where wookies decide to assault you en masse. You can quickly find that a simple force push will send them off the bridge and to their deaths. What some folk might not know is if you stay in that spot on the bridge, wookies will keep coming at you and you can repeatedly send them flying. This is MOST EXCELLENT since there was an achievent for killing 200 wookies (a race not found in any other level) and for 500 force push kills. So I sat there for like an hour fuckin WHEEZING DYING LAUGHING as I racked up wookie kills. Most people might get bored but this was peak comedy for me. I'll never forget it.

Anyway, for the rest of the game you play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice Starkiller otherwise more embarrassingly known as Galen Marek. This is a character so edgy he well reflected me during the time of late high school going to midnight premieres of Saw movies and blaring Cradle of Filth songs in my car and fittingly so edgy that the voice actor proceeded to voice Darth Maul in all his appearances post Disney shaking up. Good on him eh? Anyway it makes sense you're a moody teenager since your master in this game is the fucking Tony Hawk of angsty whiners in this universe thanks to the prequels. You go through the fairly decent story becoming less edgy as you learn life lessons and whatever make light side decisions. Listen if you played this game and complained about Starkiller being an edgelord and then proceeded to push him along the dark side then that's on you.

As for the gameplay, while I've heard it called stiff I don't know if I can agree outside of basic lightsaber combat. All the wild force powers you can level up are a goddamn blast and you can eventually throw your lightsaber at everything anyway. Also, and I know many people don't care but this game had this thing in the engine where you could like break stuff and every time you did it it would break differently. It's not a huge plus by any means but it was fun to notice as I played.

So yeah I dug this game a lot. I liked the story enough and I did everything there was to do in the game. Maybe it's just my Star Wars bias but I'd gladly take a remake of this some day. Definitely fun times for Star Wars fans I think.

Niko is first on the podium of characters of GTA. He says deep stuff very occasionally and I always liked that.

"War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other. I was very young and very angry." - Niko Belic

"Hey cousin, let's go bowling!" - Roman Belic


This game is kinda not fun after a while.

I got this game out of nowhere added to my Steam library. I genuinely have no clue how I acquired it. Apparently it is based around a German crime series called "Alarm für Kobra 11", a series that would be considered porn by Michael Bay.

Played the demo, in 2017 and it gave me a tremendous mommy fetish.

One of the most solid and innovative fps of all time

Phenomenal. It contains a story a like a lot, as much as its characters and gameplay. Our reporters, for the most part, ain't shit unlike Jade.

I don't know what differences there are between Condition Zero and Condition Zero - Deleted Scenes, and at this point I am too afraid to ask.

That weird one time Valve tried to give Counter Strike a Call of Duty treatment.

Nostalgia does not hold up on this one, it's a driving game with bad driving, plus poor mission design and out of whack difficulty in the later levels.

Not entirely interested in this game's aesthetic and comedy. I thought if I pushed past I would find a gem every once in a while, but instead was met with none of them. 2 separate runs are in these hours and neither of them I got anywhere near the end.

Better on PSP, plus it's easier than the PS3 version, making it the definitive way to experience the story which is the best part.

It was kind of ridiculous though there is no offline level sharing, meaning that if you wanted to play ad-hoc, you have to upload your level to the server first and then each other player has to go online and find your level and download it and ONLY THEN you can race together on it. (Which in turn means that once the servers go down you won't even be able to.)

1000x more ridiculous that after finishing an ad-hoc race everyone gets booted back to the main menu and you're forced to create / search for an ad-hoc game all over again, for each race. It's obvious that they really didn't expect anyone to play ad-hoc. To be fair the only reason I know any of this is because this was one of the games Sony offered as part of their welcome back program. Had Sony not gotten hacked and everything went the way it was supposed to, nobody in my family would have owned the game except maybe me, in which case I would never have played ad-hoc. So in effect I cheated.

I had a lot of fun creating tracks though and racing on them myself. Looking at the game now though it's surprising to me that I ever did that, since I just don't see myself having the energy for that nowadays. The game is quite honestly pretty jank. But for that reason it has a certain charm.


This is when Rockstar started to care a lot more about their characters and story of the game, because of that, I think that Tommy as a character is the 3rd best just before CJ and Niko. Some people do not know this, but Ray Liotta voiced Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti, which is a detail that never stop surprising even again later on. The plot of the game is an amalgamation of Scarface and Goodfellas packed with action. Many details of the game are just that good, heck, the radio, the damn radio for example! How am I supposed to play this game on foot? No way, I am grabbing a vehicle and if a song I like is still playing when I arrive at a destination, I don't get out of the car until it's done playing.

during the week i was reading this i had a mental breakdown that reminded me of takumi thanks chaos;head

Kinda overhated in my opinion. It's definitely no Battle For Bikini Bottom, the level design is worse and 100% is definitely less fun, but I don't think it's a bad game. It's sorta fun, there's some cool challenges in it, the slide levels are fun. If you love BFBB I think it's worth a try.

fine enough game and I know its pretty removed but the online market for this game and how it targets kids is still really gross and I know I am not alone in thinking that

I had this higher but I heard about how fuckin horrific and gross feh pass is so its lower now

i mean it's kind of just a banger

It is curious how i love the DK Wii game, and Wii U game, but never played the OG.
I did not finished bc i dont have the time rn, its just a cool and neat game. Knowing the history behind its development makes it funnier!

From 2012 to 2021, a steady decline and sublimation to the modern standards of FPS games, just shameful.

Played with the crappy 2002 English fan translation but the soul of this game still came through, the concepts here are very unrefined (especially with grinding being prevalent for the alignment system) but it still stands out today.