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I was very much hoping that would be one of those old internet things that'd still very much work for me today like Homestar Runner, but here's the thing... just about all of this fucking reeks of Newgrounds. Thankfully this completely avoids the edgelord aspect of that site, but most of the jokes here are centered around references and memes that the site's demographic are already familiar with. And, well, I dunno, this is just 100% a me thing but a lot of this "oh hey here's a reference to a game you know" humor doesn't really work for me personally these days, though it's all thankfully harmless*. Thankfully it somewhat fares better in the new game Completing the Mission (especially the walkthrough joke which I'll admit I let run for like six minutes before realizing that it wasn't just a heavily extended gag), though it still doesn't always hit. It's just not entirely my style of humor these days, though FWIW when it comes to revisiting things I liked at the age of 12 I'll absolutely take revisiting this sort of thing over like, I dunno, the Nostalgia Critic or Egoraptor's shit or whatever

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that Charles is a very good boy who deserved a far better game than this.

*...well aside from the goddamn "firing my laser" jokes. Yeah I know that for a lot of people (which I'll give the dev the benefit of the doubt about and assume that they are because of the rest of the game's content) they just know things like The Lazor Collection and are completely unaware that the meme is heavily rooted in blackface (because of course a 4chan-originated meme would be), and for that I sort of let the bits in Stealing the Diamond and Fleeing the Complex slide a bit... but come on there was absolutely no need to throw that shit in for the new game in goddamn 2020. The punchline for that sequence was actually great and you could have just done something different for the setup. :T

it has good art and a decent intro stage and the rest is atrocious no amount of nostalgia will let me defend this

KOF with combos does not feel good and the art is really over-rated

level design's too empty if you don't bother with the friend hearts and unfortunately a lot of the friend heart requirements are kinda bad

i'd consider this pretty close in quality with ttyd if it didn't have so many bad platforming sections and the timed hits didn't feel so bad and imprecise

the test run results screen tells you how many people vomited on your ride

Probably nostalgia bias but i love this game. My favorite single player bomberman adventure, and battle mode has a really strong selection of modes. Reversi and Coin battles are raw.

generally nice follow-up to RKA with less emphasis on the first game's isolated action setpieces and more focus on platforming. Kinda rough in some spots (especially the shmup section) and I think the speed and level design tend to be mis-matched but its still a good trip

Love this game to death man, just gorgeous moment to moment setpieces with raw action and perfect pacing

Fun game with a hint of replayability, but it can get boring very quickly. Still recommend you try to play it though.

The combat and open world missions get too repetitive too quickly for me to really recommend it.

Unbalanced, grindy mess of a JRPG with tons of reused dungeons & enemies, writing that is in-your-face about gaming references, and ok visuals & music.

"This is the character that is going to do it for Saturn!”
- Steven Spielberg

Terrible sequel to the original open world collect-a-thon & terrible Grand Theft Auto clone, with a stupidly large map with no fast travel options, ugly & dull visuals, frustrating difficulty due to barely any checkpoints & crashing into police officers, and an edgy tone to cap off the adventure.

Mit dem Gameplay von BPM sind die Entwickler definitiv an etwas dran, was sie näher erforschen sollten, inhaltlich mangelt es allerdings noch an Umfang, Balancing und Abwechslung und der Grafikstil ist eher abschreckend.

i hate everything about how this game plays and i can't even use 'it aged bad' as a reason cause F-Zero on SNES is still great

on purely mechanical terms it's bare-bottom-terrible in every way, almost as if it was intentionally designed to be as awful and grating as possible,

and yet

it's kinda fun because of that??

the most blatantly 'consume product' sonic ever made but i got it for free and the speed still feels good so i guess i can't be too hard on it

i really don't think the glitches and technical issues affect it as much as people say but yeah its still generally a rough time

better than i remembered but also kinda over-rated

Weaker than its sibling title Generation by a pretty big step, with less flow and more irritation, but it's still an okay time and battle mode's as good as ever with a lot of fun braindead characters

it's a bullet hell, it's a twin stick shooter, it's a beat-em-up? it's a pretty good game man

One of the best platformers i've played

how did they ruin legitimately everything about RKA's mechanics

What if you wanted to be a good programer...
But Yandere Dev said...
Else if

this game had potential, but ended up just being the worst 3D Mario. for the love of all that is good do not force yourself to 100% it, or even complete it

Fun game
Unexpected sense of humour too

Bad puzzles that are just memorization you write on the map, ugly visuals, forgettable soundtrack, boring sea-traveling, and backtracking sections just to start the new areas don't make this adventure a breeze.

I liked the combat and powers, but i hate the metroidvania part, it's based on keys instead of upgrades.

Can you even call it a JRPG when the whole gameplay loop is buying & finding disposable items, then using them against useless enemy counters, just to make money to spend on the same disposable items?