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I dunno I think Soul Calibur is a ton of fun. Everyone is going wild about the character creator, while I'm more focused on the fact that the game is just actually enjoyable to play.

As a remake, this is an absolute disgrace. As the only way to play some of the best games ever made, this is a shame. I really can't add anything that hasn't been said already, and I just wish people stopped piling on innocent bystanders whose only crime was trying to fix the unfixable.

Known for being a Minecraft knock of but it's a pretty damn solid game. Really underrated imo

The NSMB series is quite a punching bag nowadays, and is used as an example as to how Nintendo have a tendency to play it safe with their IPs, but at the time of its release New Super Mario Bros was honestly very refreshing. The level design and overall fun factor is up there with most other 2D mario games. An overall great DS game if you look at it without the baggage of its derivative sequels.

I like it when the monkey roll its very nice

Remedy games have always had tight gunplay with some unique ideas but always faltered when it came to the level design. Games like Max Payne featured way too much repetition, mobs of enemies indiscriminately shoved into basic rooms for the length of a game. I figured Control would end up in the same situation but Remedy finally decided to focus on level design, forgoing their usual linear game design for a more Metroid like world that is filled with surprises.

The concept of Control is genius; it takes a genre I was not too familiar with, SCP fiction where a fake government agency deals with paranormal entities, and builds this detailed rich mythology that I feel could be a television show. You play as Jesse, a woman who was once the subject of an AWE, altered world event. For some unknown reason she is drawn to The Oldest House, a building in NYC that hides in plain sight and serves as the base of operation for the Federal Bureau of Control. She is a fish out of water and so is the player, the first hours will be confusing as hell as you are thrust right into this new world with no explanations. Personally I felt they could have done a better job with easing the player into the mythology, I was mostly confused and a little disinterested at first. Hours in it becomes clear and very compelling through some of the best world building I’ve seen in a game this gen. The story of the Federal Bureau of Control and their subjects gave me huge X-Files vibes with great characters and in a genius move a way to tie up all Remedy’s storylines into one shared universe.

Fast fluid combat is a staple of Remedy games ; they usually include a certain hook unique to each game, Control’s hook is telekinetic powers. Jesse is able to launch objects Jedi Knight style at enemies. With the flick of a button large objects can be hurdled at a target and later on multiple targets. This costs some energy that needs a few seconds to refill, during which you can use your specialized gun which morphs into different forms the usual pistol, shotgun, mini gun, sniper. These weapons use special ammo which also recharges after some time, combat becomes a balance between using powers and ammo, allowing one to recharge as you unload with the other. Only two weapon types can be switched on the fly which is rather limiting. You can still pause the game and switch the two presets in the menu but in the middle of a fight that’s not something most players will want to do.

On top of telekinesis Jesse can also conjure shields out of objects, can convert injured enemies into an ally, and at the mid game point get the biggest game altering skill, levitation. Once you can fly the games combat and exploration really takes off, no longer are you bound to hiding behind pillars for cover, just take flight, dodge in air, rain down debris on enemies from above. Enemies will be flying around as well creating these great ballets of distraction as office desks are being flung all over the room, energy beams are flashing, explosions all over, combat can be an absolute rush. All these skills and weapons can be upgraded as you explore and gain skill points to spend as you see fit. There are mod attachments for the weapons and Jesse that alter her offensive and defensive stats, its not as deep as an RPG but it does feel like Jesse is progressing and getting more powerful the more you look for hidden chests or complete side quests.

Control truly has something special with the combat mechanics but the encounter design is lacking which holds it back from really entering the pantheon of the greatest third person shooters. Most enemy encounters are actually randomly generated; because this is a metroid style game with lots of back and forth through a world enemies will randomly invade rooms to give the player something to do. This tells me one thing, the environments are not custom made for specific battles. Most rooms are essentially battle arenas with some verticality to create spaces where fun battles can happen but never reaches the highs of a game where the environment is tailor made for a specific combat situation. This leads to the feeling of repetition as the rooms begin to blend to together. The mix of enemies has no rhyme or reason, one time you will get some big brutes, other times annoying flying enemies, it’s all the same. Tactics don’t have to be altered, mostly fly around and launch objects while taking strategic shots to whittle down the enemy count. I found the combat to be engaging enough where I wasn’t ever bored but the game could have used more scripted action sequences and better enemy variety.

Forgoing the linear structure of most their games, Control takes on a more Metroid like design in a building with multiple floors and areas that slowly open as the game goes on. For the first six hours or so the game mostly pushes you to specific areas, with little else to do except the core missions. That changes as side quests and new challenges open up just at the right moment; this is where the game sunk its teeth in me. I like surprises, there is nothing more boring than a game where you know that no matter where you search you are simply going to find more of the same, it kills the drive for exploration. The moment a game throws a curveball at you that feeling changes, now I want to search every inch, do every side quest because I don’t know what to expect; that’s where Control excels, it has some devilishly clever side quests that gave me the surprises I desired. There are hidden puzzles and more importantly wild optional boss battles that can be completely missed. Once I got the first taste of how creative Control could be I made sure to do every quest and while they aren’t all winners the storylines tied to them all add to the already fantastic mythology and made the pursuit of them worth it. On top of well hidden secrets there are combat challenges to overcome and I love me a good challenge. Control crossed off all the ingredients needed to be a great action adventure game. When I wanted to jump back into the main quest it was easy to move right to where I wanted to be and continue. Whenever I had that itch to do my own thing there was usually a new side quest or challenge waiting for me.

I purposefully waited for the PS5 version because I knew this was a very demanding high end game. The graphics are stunning and include some of the best environmental destruction effects I have ever seen. Every thing reacts, shoot a desk and it splinters down into smaller and smaller pieces. Throw a desk in a room and watch papers and debris fill the room in spectacular fashion. I played the game mostly with ray tracing on, the lighting and reflections were some of the best I’ve seen, the lighting in particular used effectively as a gameplay mechanic as well. On underpowered consoles this game chugs but on the PS5 it was a smooth, extremely polished experience. The voice acting is mostly going for that x-files vibe of serious but not too serious, hell the best parts are when it sinks all in on the weird. There is a great performance by I believe the actor who played Alan Wake, who in this game does live action videos of a scientist you never meet in the game but the videos tell such a great story that he feels like one of the main stars. I loved everything about this story and the performances within.

Control is Remedy’s best game and it’s by a considerable amount. They have always been inventive with the combat and subject matter but never pulled it together with the level design until now. This is a big action game with over twenty hours of quality content, side stories and secrets galore. Some more care needs to be put into the combat scenarios as to not be as repetitive, that’s all that’s holding back Control from the elite in the genre. I believe Remedy has something special here with this concept, there is no reason this could not expand into movies or a tv show. Whatever the future plans are I want more of the adventures of Jesse and the FBC.

Overall Score: 8.8

Easily the worst in the series but not as bad as some people say imo. Not played that much of it but from what I gather it ain't that bad

Not as bad as people make it out to be imo. Still a very solid Halo but falls short. Campaign is solid and multiplayer is.... fine

Everytime I see a DVD Screensaver now I suffer from PTSD flashbacks.

Don't play this game.

The best part about this game is the voice acting.

The art style is all over the place with the only good thing about it being the boss animations.
The combat is clunky and frustrating and the exploration practically non-existent.

The game consists of 5 areas containing 2 levels and one boss fight each. Don't start this game with the hopes of playing a boss rush game like Titan Souls, you won't.

Each level has a gimmick that is extremely overused. I think the intent with this was to create intriguing puzzles, but all of them have the same solution. To put it short, the levels are drawn out, boring walking sections.

The boss fights have some potential, however, combined with the awful combat system they just become very frustrating. I ended up almost finishing a fight, only to get one-shot randomly and having to restart it way too many times.

Not a single part of this game was even in the slightest fun to sit through.

Considering the expectations this game had to live up to after the groundbreaking first one it should've been difficult. But honestly it comes very close. Not quite the first one for me however

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is like playing a good shounen anime. I’m a huge fan of the first game and I think in many ways this sequel surpasses it in spades. It’s certainly far more polished and consistent, with a more concentrated storyline and gameplay that cuts out the first game’s fat. The narrative is short, sweet, and highly satisfying. It gives all its characters time to shine and doesn’t shy away from higher stakes and darker themes. The gameplay is a blast even in a simple main story playthrough, but I think players who go for A ranks and want to complete all of SA2’s optional missions will get the most out of this game. Doing so forces a player to engage with the game’s mechanics on a far deeper level and form an understanding of its excellent ranking system. The soundtrack is also fantastic with different genres representing each character (Knuckles's stages feature catchy raps with hilariously cheesy lyrics for example), although it does end up being significantly less varied than the wild hodgepodge of music found in SA1. I cannot recommend Sonic Adventure 2 enough. All of Sonic Adventure’s heart and much of its ambition carry over to this successor, and it still manages to carve out its own identity.

It’s the feudal Japan Assassin’s Creed game we’ve always wanted.

You can tell the moments where this game almost makes it through. Where it almost has an Identity. There are some things in the game that absolute work, some characters that almost channel something, and the VAs do a perfect job trying to sell them. There are even moments where you could see this game as a high-minded version of Dead Space. But it just doesn't come through.

Meh. First game in the franchise tho so i'll keep playing

a masterpiece of emotional story-telling that can only be described as funny and way too fucked up. my favorite thing about this game has to be how it uses its dark sense of comedy to make the world an even darker place so when the time to be serious comes it makes it much much more serious and sad.

I absolutely love all the characters the party interacts with through their world that's unlike any other. every single enemy, place, person, or even things were unique and very VERY quirky but despite all the quirkiness the game still manages to tell an amazing story.

343 guilty spark is the nagito komaeda of halo

I have no idea what the fuck is going on in this game except there is serviceable porn and baffling match 3 puzzles.

Ys VIII, my intro to the series, was a genuine surprise for me, just a super kinetic RPG with an engaging enough story and world, and an extra-as-hell score that legit pumped me up through its however many hours. IX started off promisingly by suggesting I would get something similar except now I would basically be a superhero so traversal would be absolutely wild out of the gate.

It went wrong in a lot of ways, but I think the one that bothers me the most is that you're given absurd traversal and, naturally, it could easily break the game so Balduq and its surrounding terrain are designed to impede you having fun with those abilities. I understand the need for players to feel challenged in some capacity, but "find the one spot in this gigantic map that lets you climb up" is legitimately some of the most obnoxious design I've encountered, and if it wasn't already bad enough that this wasn't a tropical island like VIII and felt comparatively lifeless, I was now having to go around endless landmasses with overhangs preventing me from running up them like I wanted to. Why does it matter that it would take me less time to get to chests and explore the land? The game's already 30 hours, it's fine. There are already gates blocking progression, you didn't need more of them. You could make it 20-25. Or don't let me be Daredevil + Spider-Man maybe. I dunno, I'm not your designer dad.

And I don't want to harp on them too long because honestly they exhausted me, but the tower defense action sequences from VIII being brought over as mandatory quests and also made to feel like an eternity is just..... well it's very cool, huh.

The plot is also a bad time compared to VIII; I might actually prefer some of the characters here, but the pacing killed a lot of the narrative for me and then when the game decided to slam capital-P Plot in the player's face in its final stretch I just kind of had to laugh at how ludicrous it had all become. The character design is largely charming at least.

I would get glimmers of the joy I had with VIII when there was a particularly well designed platforming sequence and I was allowed to just feel the flow of combat and movement, and I could listen to whatever absurd double bass track was blasting, but those moments were too few and far between [and mostly relegated to the final dungeon, unfortunately]. I thought I had found my popcorn RPG series after VIII and now I'm not so sure.

I think this game could have been so much more gameplay-wise. The puzzles feel so... easy. So... Irrelevant.

Getting the razor to be cutting skin walls left and right feels stupid, because it's not like you stumble them much earlier and have to remember where you can use the razor later.

I think I wouldn't be writing any of this if this game was just a horror walking simulator and I knew that was what I was getting into from the start, because I actually enjoyed the story.

Brilliant. Absolutely superb. Such an underrated game. Incredible campaign and a great multiplayer that really went under the radar. Perhaps my favourite in the series

A very good Halo game to say the least. Fantastic campaign and really nailed the feeling of Halo and I applaud that as it really didn't have the right to be as good as it was given the last two

Have you ever played a game which catered to your tastes so specifically that it was almost suspicious? Like the developers had been spying on you, and made the weird mashup game that you had always wanted? That’s what this game is for me. Of the couple game ideas I’ve dreamt about, one of them would be heavily centered around customizing mechs. I love the mecha aesthetic, and the idea of tooling up futuristic weaponry to suit your style really resonates with me. I also love the less serious side of scifi, from the pulp stories like Terminator to the heartfelt looks to the future like Star Trek. For a game to come out that’s those two things smashed together, I was going to love it regardless of any inelegancies. And really, inelegance is what defines Aegis Rim. The real-time, top-down, and abstracted mecha combat is so far removed from the sidescrolling visual novel it’s attached to that it feels like two unrelated games were just glued together. Not only that, but each of the two games will occasionally block each other until you’ve made a certain amount of progress, and each of the thirteen protagonist stories can even block each other in the same way. If you don’t absolutely adore both the pulpy sci-fi narrative and the mecha combat, this clunky pacing will make you lose patience before the end of its thirty-hour runtime. However, I just can’t escape that this game unapologetically caters to a niche I love. It’s so full of twists and crazy reveals that it feels like a love letter to every piece of pop sci-fi made since 1954. The characters are all lovable and relatable, and I appreciate how their mechs have unique equipment sets to reflect their personalities. I love blasting kaiju with so many rockets that the PS4 struggles to handle all the explosions, with the punchy sound design putting it over the top. It also has some notable features and polishes that I really appreciate, like automatically organizing a timeline of story events by character, and having a countless amount of postgame levels for people like me who are always looking to smash stuff with mechs. While I recognize its flaws, they’re the kind I’m able to forgive for an unapologetic celebration of my personal niche. It’s a bit like a Main Battery Heavy Railgun, in that for anyone outside the direct target audience, it will probably whiff completely, but for people like me, it hits hard.

This review contains spoilers

Leon'un Racoon City Departmanından ayrılıp Valinin kızını kurtarmak için geldiği bu köyde bu ana karakterler ve yan karakterlerin yaşadıklarına şahit olduğumuz Resident Evil 4 kimileri açısından hantal ve "Resident Evil değil" olarak görülse de bence serinin en iyilerinden biri. Hem yenilikçi yapısı hemde iyi hikaye anlatımı ve yazımı ile kendinden önceki 3 Resident Evil'dan altta kalmıyor hatta üstüne koyuyor. Resident Evil 4 benim için serideki en gerildiğim en karakterlere bağlandığım ve en eğlendiğim oyunu olma özelliğini taşıyor. Bu sebeple değerlendirme bazen objektifliğin altta kaldığı olabilir belirtmek istedim.


Hikaye aman aman bir hikaye değil aslında (en azından başlangıçta) Racoon City Dpt.'de görev alan Leon Kennedy'nin başarıları ve birçok sebepten ötürü kaçırılan/kaybolan Valinin kızını (Ashley) kurtarmasını konu alıyor. Ashley'i kurtarmak için geldiğimiz bu köyün aslında sıradan bir köy olmadığı buradaki yerlilerin dinle kandırıldığı ve virüs enjekteliği olduğu tamamen birer kapalı kutu ve hizmet amaçlı oldukları ortaya çıkar. Bunun çıkmasıyla beraber Leon Kennedy artık burada sadece Ashley kurtarmayacaktır. Sanırım hikaye için en iyisi burada bırakmak. Çünkü oyunda fazlaca yan hikaye ve fazlaca karakter notları ve hikayeler bulunmakta. Notları bazen hikaye kullanımı bazen oyuncuya yardım olarak kullanan Capcom aynısını telsiz görüşmelerinde de kullanmış. Ara sahneler ise hikaye için iyiler cidden iyiler 2004 yılı için ara sahne kalitesi muazzam.


Kimine göre sıkıcı kimine göre "çekilebilir" olan oynanış bu ağır kanlı köy için muazzam bir kalıp. Ateş etmek için durmanız gerekiyor evet. Fakat bu durduğunuz açı ve aiminize ve stratejinize bağlı olarak zevk verir. Eğer ki arkanız açıktaysa Q tuşuna basarak hızlı dönüş yapabilir ve indirebilirsiniz. Ayrıca mermi değişimi de sadece aim alarak yapılan birşey o yüzden oyundaki her rahat anınızda envantere girip düzenleme yapıp mermileri şarjörünüze sokmanız gerek. Aksiyon anında çok damage yersiniz. Ve tabii ki yer yoksa discard etmenizi pek önermem genelde yapmanız gereken combine yada mermidir. Hiçbiri işe yaramıyorsa alacağınız şeyin neyden daha değerli olduğuna karar vermeniz gerek. Önceki Resident Evil oyunları gibi labirent yapıda haritalar yok fakat çokça öyle küçük kısımlar bulunmakta kapalı kapılar onlara anahtar bulmak gibi çokça şey hala özünü koruyor. Bulmacalar ve mini bosslar da işleri renkli tutuyor. Oynanışta tek canımı sıkan şey sanırım Fixed 60 FPS'de oynamama rağmen 45-30'a bossların saldırı anında yada olur olmadık aksiyon sekanslarında düşmesi. Aa evet az kalsın unutuyordum. Quick Time Eventlerde bulunmakta Quick timedan çok tuş spamlama gibi olsada çok nadir olduğu için sıkmıyor ve tatlandırıyor oynanışı. Bosslar ise savaşması çok eğlenceli ateş etmek için durmak oyunu bosslarda aşırı zorlaştırıyor olması gerektiği gibi. Kısaca oynanış kanımca baya zevkli. Hatta fazla zevkli. Bundan sonra ki 2 oyun gibi suyu çok çıkarılmamış. Tertemiz akan bir oynanışa sahip Resident Evil 4.


Bölüm tasarımlarını Chapter olarak değerlendirmeye alacağım. Bence her biri kusursuz sadece bir boss için bile ayrı bir harika dizayn edilmiş bir map var. bence hepsi yerli yerinde düşmanlar ne sizi mapte sıkıştırıyor ne sizi çok fazla boşluğa düşürüyor chapterlar bölüm tasarımı olarak tekrara düşmüyor. Bulmacalar çok tekrar ediyor fazlaca tekrar ediyor. Ashley kısımı var bir tane oyun içinde onunda bölüm tasarımı gayet iyi. Bölüm tasarımları genel olarak tekrara düşmüyor. Farklılıkları bariz belli ediyor ve dizayn olarak atmosfer olarakta güzelleşiyorlar.


Leon karizmatik yakışıklı tamamen bir "playboy" edasıyla ara sahnelerde konuşuyor akıyor ve gelişiyor. Ashley saf ve yardıma muhtaç kız rolünü üstleniyor. Ve Leon'la aralarındaki kimya çok hoş duruyor. Tamamen sevgi pıtırcığı ve samimiyet hissediyorsunuz. Bir süre sonra Leon için Ashley görev olmaktan çıkıyor zaten. Ada Wong Luis ve Seller karakterleri de tasarım dizayn konusunda çok iyi yazım konusunda da Seller dışında kusursuzlar.

Düşmanlar çok çeşitli başta çok yavan gibi gelebilir ama ilerledikçe harika bir çeşitlilik kazanıyor hepsinin zayıf noktası farklı. Genellikle kafa olsa da bazıları metal kafalı yada kasklı olabiliyorlar fazlaca çeşitli birde köylüler dışında yaratıklar var modellemeler zor tekrara düşüyor. Elbette düşüyor ama zor. Bossların tasarımı amaçları işlenişileri savaş mekanları olarak hepsi kusursuz. tamamen kusursuzlar. Tasarımlar Capcom sınırları içinde bile çok iyi dönüştüğü evreleri görmek falan muazzam.


Yılına göre (SD'de denedim) fazla iyiler doku kalitesi çevre grafikleri karakter grafikleri ve fazlaca hızlı ve yumuşak hareket animasyonları ile çok iyi iş çıkarılmış 2004 yılı için çok çok üstün gözüküyor. Ara sahnelerde bu 2-3 katına çıkıyor mimikler herşey resmen o yılda gerçek hissettiriyor. Çok çok iyi diyecek söz bulamıyorum.


Atmosfere uygun düşman sesleri ayrı ayrı mekanlar için dizayn edilmiş müzikler, kuvvetli ve iyi silah sesleri karakterleri seslendiren seslendirme sanatçılarının kusursuz işleri sesler tamamen iyi hissettiriyor atmosferden koparmak yerine daha da içeri çekiyor. Önünüzdeki düşmana ateş ederken arkadan gelen koşan ve bağıran düşman sesini gerilimli bir müzik ve ashley'nin korkak sesiyle duyunca ne demek istediğimi anlayacaksınız.


İşin teknik tarafına gelecek olursak bunun PS2 ve XBOX 360'da sorunsuz çalıştığına eminim ama PC portu fiyaskoya yakın benden daha büyük hatalar yaşayan olmuş ben sadece slow motion sorunuyla başta uğraştım biraz bir daha yaşamadım. Genel olarak bunu bir kenara bırakırsak oyun olmuş bir oyun açıkçası Resident Evil serisine bir ihanet olduğunu değil tam aksine güzel bir yola soktuğunu fakat sonraki oyunların bozduğunu düşünüyorum.

"Yenilik iyidir fakat Resident Evil 4 kalitesinde olursa"

Puanım; 9/10

A great FPS game that really revolutionized the genre as we know it. Really enjoyed playing this again

Really solid horror/physiological thriller game and I really enjoyed it. I like how your decisions actually matter and affect the outcome of the story. Would recommend if you can play it

A lot better then I was expecting it to be but not quite on the level of the others. I'd say the word alright sums it up perfectly. I rather enjoy the simulator gameplay and the lore reveals but I'm not a fan of the office gameplay