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Após eu ver o anuncio do remake na direct, não sei porque decide jogar o original, mas o mais surpreendente é saber que eu nunca tinha jogado algo tão bacana no SNES, ele é um jogo de plataforma bem simples e ao mesmo tempo um simulador de cidade que também é bem modesto, porém esses dois elementos juntos, fizeram um jogo com uma proposta interessante e imersa.

For a game called "Crash Tag Team Racing", the racing part is particularly not very good or interesting. Controls aren't so tight, the race tracks are very bland to race on, most of the items feel useless due to race having a health system of some sort, the special weapons designed for each character makes the game way too easy even more so if you have the com character use the special weapon, and overall the racing is an unbalanced mess that lacks depth. Despite the issues, I really love the racing! It's such a chaotic mess in insane mode that couldn't help but love it. Things get so much fun when you upgrade the special weapons to the max and use the heavy items exclusive to the racers that are fused together. Yes the racing is not very good and I wish it was better, but blasting my opponent away with all of these ridiculous overpowered arsenal is such a blast!

As for the game's main focus and the first thing you do in single player mode, the platforming and exploration, is very fun! Honestly it's a lot more fun than the racing part of the game. You collect coins, find power crystals in spots that seems out of reach, unlock tracks and find hidden track shortcuts, etc. Crash controls pretty well surprisingly. His jumps feel nice and it doesn't rely on momentum like most other collecthethons like Mario 64 or A Hat in Time. The worlds are small and there's only 5 of them to my knowledge, but there not quite as large where they pad the game with worthless task. Overall, they hit a good balance of exploring these small worlds without over staying their welcome. It's a short but fun platforming side of the game.

As for the other small things, this game is hilarious for the most part. Every character has always something funny to say and even the side characters as well. The Die-O-Ramas are... interesting... At last but not least, the music. The music is really fun to listen to. Spiral Mouth did a wonderful job setting the atmosphere for the hub worlds and create a wacky soundtrack for the race tracks. Easily one of the best soundtracks from Crash Bandicoot.

I don't recommend this game to those who like racing games, but if you're a fan of platformers, maybe give it a try. Although this game isn't anything groundbreaking or amazing, I still had a good time with it and I'll continue to keep playing it because it's such a fun mess.

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I completely forgot that the final "Boss" is literally just Rock Paper Scissors.

the water temple made me want to kill myself, dated as fuck

Que triste es saber que tu saga revivió con un juego gacha para pajeros
No le doy media estrella nomás porque sale Tron Bonne

Perdi a vontade de jogar após matar o hades pela primeira vez, mesmo tendo uma gameplay viciante é meio sem graça jogar sem um objetivo

You whippersnappers complaining about your 14 hour long Spider-Man: Miles Morales being too short! Back in my day we had a 3 hour Spider-Man game and LIKED IT!

Its a really good room hack. I love it, but it has so much frame rate downing and some other things, but in general its a really good game

Great aesthetic and a lot of fun. Fuck Thatcher.

La dificultad del juego depende del grindeo que hagas, en el Marowak dojo, la historia es mejor que el original.
Es un juego simple que chrono trigger pero mejor que red rescue team.

Cory Barlog when he sees the other games in the franchise:
"We must be better than this."

proceeds to break some random guys neck

I desperately wish this played well. The meat of the gameplay is unfortunately just not fun or responsive.

At the end of my last review I was wondering what these games might look like in a post-9/11 world, what their political ambitions might be, whether the steadily increasing fire that had been building in the belly of this series for four games in a row would continue to grow or be stifled by the sudden weight of America in those months and years of cultural transformation following the event. If you’re new to my Nancy Drew project I promise that this makes sense to ask about these games, but it won’t seem like it based on everything we’re about to talk about because the answer is no this game is Not About Anything so hard that at first I was thinking wow this is kind of nice, kind of refreshing to just have a chill cozy mystery, but by the end I think I have settled on this being firmly at the bottom of the barrel.

Nancy’s got a friend named Sally who bought a remote cabin that used to be owned by Fake Al Capone on a lake on the edge of a nature preserve, with nobody around for several miles except the local ranger, a weird old man obsessed with bird watching, and the woman who runs the small store on the other side of the lake. Unfortunately for Sally, who was really looking forward to fixing up this old rotting lake house and doing photography there or something, it’s haunted by the ghosts of Malone’s four dogs who attack her every night! Well, they kind of run around in her yard and then get up by the window and bark a little bit and then leave every night, but that’s scary enough for Sally to freak out and leave AFTER calling Nancy in to help her look into it, so it’s up to Nancy to figure this shit out on her own, of course.

Sounds like a cool setup for a creepy campfire sort of mystery, right? But the reality of the game is anything but frightening. This game, like most of the prior ones, heavily features a day/night cycle that you control by adjusting the time of day in your bedroom, but despite the premise of the game involving near-nightly attacks by the titular ghost dogs, they only make one, comically unthreatening appearance on Nancy’s first or second night there and never again, no matter how many times you find yourself needing to swap the times because x character only shows up at night or y bird you need a picture of will only appear on this particular branch between 4 and 6 AM.

There’s a feeling that this game was an attempt by Her Interactive to give the impression of stretching their legs a bit after pretty much only setting their games in relatively restrictive urban and domestic environments. This is easily the largest map in the series to date and the Great Outdoorsiness of the main chunk of it is deceptively impressive at first glance, until you realize that it’s mostly taken up by very long paths to and from an actually smaller number of areas than is usual for these games plus a large forest maze that you will return too TOO MANY TIMES over the course of SEVERAL quests in search of MULTIPLE different species of animals. During this game you will track down dogs, bugs, and birds almost entirely in place of clues, which mostly just kind of fall into Nancy’s lap by chance right at the end of the game where the bulk of the actual puzzle solving is done, after two hours of rote busywork and fetch questing.

These puzzles are, to their credit, related to this game’s historical curiosity, What If We Made Up A Fake Al Capone But He Was Obsessed With Dogs And Also Obtuse Puzzles which is actually a great character idea that goes sorely underutilized, and I think once you do literally get his 100-year-old ex-girlfriend to mail you the key to his secret speakeasy so you can start actually working on the plot of the game IMMEDIATELY before the game ends things really pick up, and the climax is good and fun! It’s a very stimulating 15 minutes, and the villain of this one is pretty fun. Terrible game that I hate, nothing interesting happening, but it goes out on a high note, I’ll give it that.

At some point they started putting teasers at the end of these games for the next release and in a bold move they are doing two Haunted Whatever ones in a row so HOPEFULLY “haunted amusement park” will turn out better than “haunted secret lakeside basement gambling den and also the ghosts are dogs” which is something that fucking sucks to have to say, but, it almost couldn’t be worse!

Eu não gosto tanto de jogos de RPG, tirando algumas exceções, e Pokémon virou uma delas. É super diferente, divertido e desafiador, realmente gostei muito.

Nintendo llegó tarde y mal, juego temporal y que ya hizo un fan con 99 jugadores en partida que tenía mejores servidores casi que los de Nintendo...

Galera hatea, mas é legalzin, são partidas rápidas e pa, melhor snorlax da paraiba btw...

As a massive fan of the Half-Life series, Half-Life: Alyx completely blew my mind. It's by far one of the most immersive games I've ever played, with a fantastic story, tense gameplay, and the most rewarding exploration I've ever experienced. This single game made me feel like my purchase of an Oculus Quest 2 was worth getting, and it'll keep being worth it as mod tools get better and people create custom campaigns.

Don't care what anyone says, driving around with the boys is pure bliss.

I normally hate describing games as "It's like [other title] but X", but this game really is "It's like Journey, but underwater". And intentionally so.

You can definitely say it feels a bit derivative since some of the story beats feel cribbed from Journey and, to a lesser extent, Flower, but also what it does, it does well. I like underwater environments, pretty fish, and Journey, so even though this game felt a little too familiar at times, my brain still enjoyed the pretty colors.

I'll say this about Deltarune: at least the combat feels a lot more involving now, even though it's still a little bit too rigid for its own good. I'm no longer impressed by the tiny subversions that Toby Fox and Co. pull you from time to time, and I'm pretty tired of the lore by now. But I can't help but liking these characters too much. If anything, I'll play these for Susie.

This game is simply a masterpiece . The story is incredible, indeed it has one of the best protaganists ever written, this is complimented with a party full of incredibly well written companions with their own struggles and backstories. All the characters intertwine with the main character so well. My personal favourite side characters are Zhao and Joon Gi Han. The important characters like Arekawa and the villains are also incredibly well written and complex. And the ending was one of the best I've ever seen, incredible. Gameplay is excellent JRPG combat, it isn't peak, peak JRPG combat by any means but it has a lot of depth, and has real time elements to make it spicy. Super fun and loads of classes to mess around with. The amount of side content is also insane, and can keep you busy for hours. Overall, this game is in fact one of the best JRPGs ever made, the story alone would give it a 9.5 but the excellent gameplay truly makes it peak for me.

You know that sort of game where after a bit you're just playing for the sake of playing. You don't actually like the game you're playing all that much but you've already plugged enough time into it to the point where you feel like you need to finish?

Yeah. 'Flynn: Son of Crimson' was that game for me. Its not a horrible game by any sense of the imagination but its also one that isn't very memorable either. Combat is button mashy, graphics are cute but rather generic (with the exception of good doggo) and the overall level design is incredibly plain.

I mean... I cant really name anything I particularly liked, any interesting story or character moment or anything I can recommend and I literally just finished the game only ten minutes ago. It really is the videogame equivalent of fast food.

Really enjoyable, but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as some of it's peers in the metroidvania genre

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Jugarlo miles y miles de veces te insensibiliza. y eso que es el comienzo del spin off. Mas el post game es puro es muy enredado, y no hay mucho que hacer.

The stealth functions perfectly well, and the combat functions fine, but level design is unengaging, there is no semblance of world building or meaningful plot, and the platforming feels heavy in a way that's unenjoyable