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Really nice proof of concept. Looking forward to more.

Fun, smooth, good looking, good to play with friends. Found it got a bit old after a while- there were only so many ways you could throw a ball at one another.

This game has the song "All My Best Friends are Metalheads" by Less Than Jake, and because of that I have been in 2 different ska punk bands. Whoops!

This is a perfect game. I really don't think video games get much better than this, and I'll spend the rest of my life chasing the joy I had playing this game as a child. I suppose I could get that joy back by plugging in my N64 and playing it again, but I need an adapter for my large tv!

This is a pretty good racer. I don't think Star Wars Episode 1 is a particularly good movie, but Darth Plagueis made it much more enjoyable. This game is better than both Star Wars Episode 1 and Darth Plagueis.

This was my first GBA game. My dad bought it (and a GBA) when we were moving from Alaska to Texas. It was really kind of him, and I love this game. I beat it 100% multiple times, and still pick it up from time to time.

I like ska music, and it's probably because of this game.

If you play the entire game backwards there's a secret message

Insanely fun with friends. Singleplayer is boring. I 100 percented it.

Fun while it lasts. Quite short so doesn't get that repetitive.

When my family went to Toys 'R' Us to by a Nintendo 64 my dad decided on the Donkey Kong 64 Jungle Green edition. It was $20 more than the regular edition, and my dad loved the Donkey Kong arcade game. This sure is a video gamey video game!

Kikku panch its all in the mine if ya wanna tessmee am shew you fine

I mean, I wasn't expecting the Alien Soldier of boob pinching, but this is the only time I've ever played a Treasure game that seemed ideas-first, execution-second. Granted, there are some great ideas! A few bosses land their inventiveness perfectly fine and the presentation of everything is vibrant and clever (besides the EX levels, which kind of suck and are the albatross around this game's otherwise perfect structure).

Cynically, I can't help but think of this game as a canary in the coalmine for Treasure, though; while they made several great games after this (the very next one was Ikaruga), Stretch Panic feels emblematic of a specific decline - that pushing a console to its limits and firing on all cylinders was becoming less viable as a developer calling card. It makes immediate sense that they found a home in the portable consoles, where they were allowed by the standards of the day to continue refining their craft.

I dunno, maybe that's attaching a lot of weight onto a game that at times feels like it's moonlighting as a tech demo, but it's hard not to get in my feelings a little when I play a Treasure game I hadn't before and it disappoints. They're a finite resource these days, so you gotta spread them out! Speaking of which, I hope you're all looking forward to my Sin and Punishment: Star Successor review 20 years from now.

I think I'm better at Space Cadet 3D Pinball now.

As a youth my mom had a summer ticket program. For every 30 minutes we read we would get a ticket. Watching TV or playing games for 30 minutes cost a ticket. If we earned enough tickets she would take us to Half-Price Books to buy a book. I earned enough tickets to buy the Roller Coaster Tycoon guidebook. I would read the book for 30 minutes, earn a ticket, and play the game for 30 minutes with that earned ticket. It helped me beat all the scenarios. This is a good game!

This was my first Pokemon game. I bought it at a Best Buy while on vacation in Utah visiting my Grandma. It was $29.99 instead of $34.99. My first playthrough my team was: Swampert, Pelipper, Hariyama, Kyogre, Pikachu, and Wailord. I loved Water Pokemon!

I've played it many times since that first playthrough. I love Hoenn. I love Mudkip. I love this game.

time travel is real. I don't have a PS4.

Very pretty and the kind of mindless platformy shooty fun that's excellent for switching your brain off and zooming around. Cute & cartoony, too.

The opening song is Guerilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine, and now I have radical politics. Whoops!

They really don't make video games like this anymore dude

A decent Yakuza experience that's unfortunately held back because it contains a lot of bloat and iffy design in it's progression. Getting abilities for the 3 styles you start with is so unsatisfying. You can tell this remake didn't get the longest development time because it's essentially a Yakuza 0 expansion that tells the story of the original PS2 game. I don't see myself replaying this unless it's in New Game +

The new scenes with ya boi Nishiki are amazing though

I liked this game, and then my neighbor borrowed it before his family moved somewhere that made it so he was no longer my neighbor, and then I no longer owned the game.

We rented this game from Blockbuster. My mom loved every second of the game. She thought Wario was the funniest character and laughed at everything that happened in the game. We later bought it for her for Mother's Day 2000. This is my favorite Mario Kart game.

While I had a Super Nintendo gifted from my Aunt, what I really wanted as a child was a Nintendo 64 to play Super Mario 64.

I played it again as part of the Super Mario 3D All Stars for Switch collection while my wife and I were in the UK's mandatory quarantine for new arrivals. I 100%ed the game in 4 days, a total of 9 hours, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

That playthrough satiated me forever. Unlike Super Mario World, which I will play forever, I don't know if I'll play this game again. My 5-year-old self would be shocked.