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A breathtaking exploration and crafting game with unlimited worlds to explore. I ran through the introductory quest series, "Awakening," which teaches the main gameplay systems. I think the concept is interesting and would have wanted to explore more, but it is too tiresome to try to keep the ship fueled up (it requires three different types of fuel, lots of time spent gathering crafting ingredients), and tons of other crafting tasks start to get in the way of the exploration and quests. There is a game mode where your ship never runs out of fuel and your exosuit never runs out of life support, which might be worth playing, but that mode also removes all the hostile enemies, makes all crafting free, and unlocks all blueprints, which might be too much giveaways. Still, I could try that mode and see how it is.

CHILDHOOD -- Unfinished, but was always a fun play. Compared to Breath of the Wild though...

(Re-do review later) Masterpiece of a game.

Bringing that good old violence and freedom to a portable device. Funfun, mods save this game, but more mod support for scripting would unlock the game's true potential. Me want spider-man swing .

This game truly feels like the sequel that Turtles in Time deserves. It's gorgeous, fluid, has excellent music, and is a blast to play. It's an amazing homage that also improves on its inspiration by adding in new moves, gameplay elements, and amps up the artwork and music. Highly recommended for any fans of the original Turtles in Time, or fans of beat 'em ups in general.

Not a fan of the story, but god the way this rpg is handled is just so good. I've never played a pokemon game with so many interesting boss battles and quests ^^

The effort put into this game isn't negligible. But Im not a fan of how many of the mons look, some of them look way too simple. Also the game tries to act too nice... It feels like a mainline pokemon game.

The minigames are cool, and the story mode is fun enough. Like all mario parties, it's fun when you're more than one to play it. On that note, why did we need to ride on a cart ? That just made it one of the worst games in the serie.

Very cool, very fun. Always felt nice to unlock every character.

Reagisci, ribellati, resisti
Sebbene la trama rappresenti un elemento decisamente secondario e di contorno di Metal: Hellsinger, vale la pena dire due parole a riguardo. L'Ignota, demone antropomorfo di cui assumiamo il controllo, è stata privata della sua voce. La colpevole di tale ignobile furto scopriamo essere stata nientepopodimeno che la regina degli Inferi, tale Giudice Rossa, convinta così di limitare la nostra contribuzione a una misteriosa quanto apocalittica profezia. E siccome non siamo in un film della Disney, l'Ignota, al contrario di Ariel de "La Sirenetta", è determinata a recuperare le capacità vibratorie delle sue corde vocali utilizzando, manco a dirlo, la forza bruta, spazzando via qualunque entità demoniaca (e non solo) la Giudice le lanci contro.
Ad accompagnarci in questo pellegrinaggio all'inferno, narrando le nostre micidiali gesta, l'immancabile Troy Baker, che offre la sua calda voce dall'accento vagamente redneck al teschio Paz, personaggio misterioso del quale scopriremo di più proseguendo nel gioco, e che nel frattempo utilizzeremo come pistola (si, utilizzeremo un teschio come arma da fuoco). Gli otto livelli che costituiscono il gioco raffigurano otto diverse rappresentazioni dell'inferno, ovvero varie concezioni di inferi susseguitesi nei secoli: Stygia e Acheron si riferiscono per esempio a 2 dei cinque fiumi presenti nell'Oltretomba degli antichi greci; Sheol è il nome che si usa nell'Antico Testamento per indicare il regno dei morti, che vede Gehenna come suo omonimo nel Nuovo Testamento.
I livelli sono tutti ben ispirati dal punto di vista artistico, meno per quanto riguarda quello di level-design puro. D'altronde non si tratta di DOOM, dove l'esplorazione approfondita delle varie location garantisce ricompense e easter egg; in Metal: Hellsinger molto spesso saremo talmente presi dalla frenesia del ritmo di gioco da non avere neanche il tempo di soffermarci ad apprezzare il desolato panorama infernale. Sostanzialmente è tutto un ripetersi di sezioni più ampie, vere e proprie arene, dove avverranno i combattimenti, collegate tra loro da corridoi di "respiro", come breve intermezzo tra le varie fasi di shooting.
Ciascun livello avrà come sottofondo una delle otto canzoni originali composte esclusivamente per il gioco, grazie alla collaborazione dei Two Feathers, duo di compositori che si occupa principalmente della realizzazione di soundtrack videoludiche, con alcuni tra i mostri sacri del Metal moderno. Parliamo di gente come Randy Blythe dei Lamb Of God, Mikael Stanne dei Dark Tranquility, Serj Tankian System of a Down e molti altri. Robetta insomma...
Il gioco si completa, a difficoltà media (o difficoltà Capra, Sgarbi docet), in circa 4-5 ore. Resta comunque la possibilità, una volta finito ciascun livello, di affrontare 3 sfide per ottenere dei Sigilli, dei perk equipaggiabili nei livelli standard per ottenere dei veri e propri bonus. Queste sfide, chiamate Tormenti, propongono sfide a tempo con particolari condizioni che ci metteranno via via sempre più in difficoltà, regalandoci però al completamento Sigilli sempre più potenti. Il viaggio culmina infine in una boss-fight di epiche proporzioni, lasciando inoltre qualche spiraglio di speranza per un sequel. Noi ci speriamo, o meglio, ne abbiamo disperato bisogno.

Good in too many ways, which is also a negative, because there is so much stuff to do that it turns grindy and makes you waste too much time out of your life.

final fantasy sonic x5 clears im afraid

I play this game once every year.

Beat the three stages currently out there, but didn't unlock all characters or fully upgrade. It's fun. First Garliclike I've played, and I'm not super familiar with the subject matter, so a lot of the jokes and references went right over my head, but I really enjoyed it. The item drops are varied enough that you can plan out a decent build from early on, though I wish there were more valid options for collabing maxed out items (I think I only ever got the comet and the rapid molotov bombs).
The slowdown gets pretty intense about halfway into any run. Generally it's helpful, since if there are enough enemies on-screen to slow the game down, it's actually useful to play in slow motion, but it gets pretty excessive, even with damage numbers and visual effects turned off. Not sure how that could be solved, I'm not sure how the game handles all the loaded objects under the hood.
High hopes for future updates.


Ranking the Yakuza games has always been difficult for me, because they're just all so damn great. Most people will say that Zero is the best one, and I agree. But 4 has a special place in my heart  --  it's the one I come back to again and again, for various reasons. It certainly helps that it's starting out so chill and noir, with Akiyama, my favorite character of the series, basically just walking the nightly streets of Kamurocho in the rain, taking care of business and stirring shit up. Sure, the story has some of the series' most tone-deaf and/or straight-out bizarre cringe moments, but for me that's part of the charm.
I love how the game expands and focuses on one city district specifically, all the different kinds of people it inhabits, all the secrets beneath (and above) its surface, and how no single person could discover them all. I also love how it does a thing that I wish more open-world (and Yakuza) games would do: keeping the main story short and briskly paced, while filling the side content with subplots that explore the characters' backgrounds and feel like a meaningful part of the narrative.

(Re-do review later) Amazing story, exciting and fun gameplay. Let's go Nate.

So much freedom, many violence lol. Mods add so much to the game - appreciate that mod support. Shelved 'til I get my own PC, and sticking with Nomad for now.

The delta forms look cool and have nice competitively viable sets... that's really the only things I needed to make me enjoy it. The cults were interesting I guess.

Hikaye ABARTI uzundu, oynanışı genel olarak beğenmedim, fan service olarak güzel anları vardı,
All Star Battle is better tho

this was fun and very cute. the mario party maps are fun to explore and there were some cute stars and the mini games were really fun and creative. there was a big of a weird/not as fun difficulty spike in the last world and the final boss fight. but the boss was cool and unique, i liked the gimmick! i just think maybe there needed to be like 3 lives on it or something before full reset. fun little rom hack though, i got all 70 stars (you only need 40) and it took me like 3 and a half hours. would recommend! this review is also gonna be my vehicle to say parallel launcher and is amazing and i'm so glad it exists. makes romhacks so much more simple and fun to play.

i've tried, but i don't think i'll ever get into monster hunter