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you are so fucking good to me.

I got a lvl 220 ,I skip a cutscene and then no sound.

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Favourite part was Disc 1, running around Midgard. Also miss Aerith :(
This was my first time playing this game, and leading up to it I had heard so much about how terribly the graphics have aged, but the pre-rendered backgrounds just have so much charm, and the map layouts feel a lot more involved than some of the other older JRPGs I’ve played. Personally I think the graphics only really feel the most dated in the CG cutscenes.

Crazy that even though I really don’t care for much of the writing in this game, the presentation and gameplay still carry so damn far that I could just drop over 100 hours on it like it’s nothing.
Also the differences between Royal and the base game are pretty neat.

Um quiz game divertido e relacionado a jogos, mesmo sendo praticamente impossível descobrir qual é o jogo na primeira tentativa.
A maioria de jogos do game são feitos/sugeridos pela própria comunidade (o que é um lado positivo e negativo ao mesmo tempo).
Mesmo assim não tem muito o que falar do game e apesar dos pesares ele ajuda a distrair por uns minutinhos.

Absolutely incredible and disgustingly underrated.

After burning out on Super Auto Pets (still the GOAT Auto Battler btw) I figured I'd use my years of LoL addiction to my advantage and try TFT.
It's fiddly as fuck on phones, and to play it on PC you have to install actual, full-fat, honest-to-god League Of Legends and play it within that. Fuck off. Don't do that to me, how dare you.

The only thing keeping this from being a 5 is that the soundtrack is mostly unmemorable which isn't really a good thing if you're supposed to be a rhythm game. Otherwise, this is peak. Combat system is fluid and satisfying. As someone who's been binging DMC games recently, this rivals them with how intricate, layered, and flashy it gets. The visuals are amazing and the characters are super charming. You can call the writing or humor Reddit-tier all you want but love it or hate it, it's soul asf. Also, I fucking yelled at the final boss bruh that shit was just peak.

My favourite and possibly the best Battlefield? Great weapon variety, maps, and vehicles with the wonderful 32v32 combat that people like Battlefield for.
Sure BF1 and BF5 are better mechanically (they're newer they should be) but those games are held back by there setting with the lack of weapon variety/customization. (although BF1 exceeded my expectations for a WWI game).
Didn't play this at launch but apparently was very buggy? Must've been fixed rather quickly as by Christmas time I remember very few issues. There's also the chance I'm mixing memories with BF3 as well but regardless both are great games. Wish I could play it in its prime again.

I have a lot of love for the digimon world and its characters, which is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for my appreciation on this game. The VN aspects were okay, but the TRPG gameplay kinda does overstay it’s welcome a bit considering how barebones it is, especially by the end.

This review contains spoilers

Honestly a pretty good time considering the hate for the musou genre in general. Strikers does a lot to diverge from the genre and brings in elements from the base Persona 5 experience. Obviously can’t expect the social sim aspect to be huge in this game, but I got to go on a Ferris Wheel date with Haru so I consider it a win.

Ryukishi really forgot how to write when it comes to Ange's character.

I think the alchemy and combat systems are pretty cool, but they just didn’t click for me. Might’ve been able to stick with it more if i had cared more about the characters. Don’t regret trying it though!

Played on Switch* pretty funky time, nice and short.

I got Ep1 one for free via PS Plus years ago and started playing with absolutely no expectations whatsoever and fell in love with the music, setting, atmosphere, premise and characters and then immediately purchased the other 4 episodes.
Sure Life Is Strange has some pacing issues and the power Max has gets a little whacky for my taste but the overall journey was a great experience.
The menu music remains stuck in my head to this day. And although I'm not a fan of how the end narrows down to 2 choices, whatever you pick gives a impactful and memorable ending.

If you're unaware, Blaster Master is originally a very old series of games that started on the NES made by Sunsoft. After a long time in hybernation the IP was eventually given to Inticreates who launched this game as a soft reboot of the franchise with a pretty accurate recreation of the 1st game with a lot of Quality of Life changes and small rewrites here and there. You'll spend half of the game in a 2d sidescroller section using the Sophia tank to traverse the map similarly to a metroid game, and then the other half is spent playing a 3d top-down perspective shooter fighting many enemies in small maps and occasionally a boss as well.
The biggest change to this game is the story, which now has our protagonist Jason as a well researched scientist and his eventual support droid Eve who helps him trying to find his strange frog that escaped through a wormhole. The game isn't very difficult, in fact once you unlock a shield that works sort of like the Mantle from Binding of Isaac it becomes very easy to keep your gun level high to spam wave which is easily the most broken weapon shot type.
Slight spoiler warning, but you can only get the true ending of this game if you basically get 100% (iirc it's at least every sophia upgrade, but you might as well go the full mile at that point) which is a bit of a rude requirement, but it honestly doesn't take that much more effort to do so and I think it's worth adding since it unlocks some pretty fun new content and a really cool final boss. Overall it's definitely the weakest entry in the series, but if you enjoy the gameplay enough to stick with it then it's definitely worth your time!

Dunno if it was cause I played this off the back of Persona 5 Golden changing my life, but this ended up doing nothing for me. God the combat is SO boring, and fights take SO long. Just standing there watching timers. The different classes feel like they make very very little difference to what was going on. After playing Bravely Default 2 a few years ago, with it's fun and inventive job system, XC3 just felt like "You can be a tank with a Green jacket, or a white one?", and that's SHITE.
Was holding on for the story but honestly, it just didn't have enough to keep me going. A shame really.

Weird cause I did nothing but play this game for weeks straight and dropped 80+ hours on it like my life depended on it, but the moment I finished I couldn’t even really tell if I enjoyed it. I think the characters were alright, plot was whatever, gameplay was neat but honestly kinda dull at times. But also if I hated it I would’ve never finished it so idk.

Best game I have play, yes I stole the source code from Valve

About as good of a portrait of my disillusionment with the .io craze as can be was the first time I heard that, the cute and simplistic game that teaches you basic biology with its game mechanics, had fucking GAMER CLANS with EPIC INTROS and COOL ASS NAMES/LOGOS, and predictably went, "What the fuck? WHY?" Let me tell you: if you wanted to satirize Gaming culture as a whole, you'd start with that as your logline. It's like if FAZE switched from Call of Duty to LittleBigPlanet.
I always viewed the idea of as more artistic in nature. It's kind of like watching a giant white canvas try to give birth to something miraculous; kind of like the opening stage of Spore, but without a definitive win/lose state. The potential for .io games isn't just in simplistic games that you can riff on with friends during lunchtime, it's experimental games that break down the defined rules of what a game is and can be. In a way, I respect for trying to be this. But I guess you can only be so experimental before the cute game you play with friends turns into an honest-to-god grudge match of tug-of-war where there are a million strands of rope to pick up on from any angle and vendettas abound. That description seems more befitting for something like a game show than a game about green circles eating magenta ones, but what do I know?
After this, there was, and, and a million other games before this until we landed on Zombs Royale using as a legitimate redirect without a hint of irony. Maybe I'm wrong about what art can be, and that's... disappointing.

I know the story is the main draw, and it really is incredible, but I was also pretty surprised how much I enjoyed the strategy gameplay part of it.

Uninteresting, overplayed tropes and deeply broken

I truthfully was not ready for how much of a direct upgrade this game was over the first. Now given full control to make whatever game they want Inticreates immediately capitalizes on this by creating an entirely unique entry that blows the first game out of the water for me. This game follows immediately after the ending to 1 where Jason and Eve created a new Sophia to travel space and try to find a cure to Eve's constant mutantification.
The sidescrolling gameplay in Sophia is a lot more refined in this game, giving you a new energy bar that doesn't automatically recharge (unless you run full out of energy) and can be charged by falling far distances without hovering, which removes a lot of the frustration of the first game where at some points you just had to sit there and wait for your energy bar to recharge. In the 3d section a lot has changed, with Jason getting a few tool changes to his gun levels that fall more in line with Megaman Zero. Wave has also had a nerf in this game so it gets weaker when spammed which gives incentive to try out other weapons, but it's still pretty strong on its own right anyways. Both segments have new QoL in the form of Fred who will now create wormholes to take you out of a dungeon when you finish it or warp back to the Sophia in a sidescrolling section so you don't risk getting softlocked or immediately killed by outside enemies.
By far the best parts of this game for me is the new layout of exploring, characters, and story. Instead of going through one giant web of connected zones with a bit of backtracking the game is broken up in sectors on a world map now, with a major planet in each sector to replace the Zones of the previous game and some bonus smaller planets that are usually mini challenges to get some optional upgrades. There are also some new MA pilots and I adore all of them for different reasons, plus it's just fun to see what MA's they pilot. And finally the story starts off strong and only gets better as time goes on, with all the cool fights building up to a climax in the final battle that genuinely gives me chills because of how cool the whole segment is.
If I had one gripe, it's once again the fact you need to do some extra work to get the true ending. It's not nearly as bad as 1, only requiring 3 items, but it is pretty easy to miss them if you don't know what to look out for. If you don't mind a small hint, you start the process to get them all by going back to a planet with a MA pilot after finishing the story objective there to start a new sidequest.
Overall, if you even so much as enjoyed the first game a little bit you'll absolutely love this game. It really endeared me to Jason and Eve in particular, but also a 3rd character you'll meet in the journey across space :).

The pinnacle of mutant blasting action. Great conclusion to Jason and Eve's story and I love how much focus Leibniz got after their introduction in 2. I really don't want to say much about this game compared to the others cause it's really just worth experiencing for yourself, it's definitely one of my favorite games Inti has released and just one of my favorite games in general.

One of the first games I got on my Switch. It was a pretty good time, though I wish there was a little more depth in the crafting/farming/exploring aspects. Also not sure if it was just the way I played, but it felt like a lot of the passengers stories just ended so much quicker after the first few. It does a good job balancing the melancholy and hopefulness around the subject though.

The art is so so damn nice, it’s one of the prettiest Otome’s I’ve seen, but I find that when Otome’s try to tackle more “serious” matters, the writing just gets so frustrating. A lot of the conflict and resolutions just seem kinda silly. Also the way the MC reacts to important things and completely forgets about it a few minutes later is painful. It’s a shame cause I really wanted to like this.

I’ve tried so many times to play and get into this game but I just don’t mesh with it’s writing or vibes at all.