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Decent game, but I feel sorry FPS fans if they think this is the best FPS of the last decade

this game feels like playing original Doom for the first time in your childhood

Gran revival de la franquicia tras el fiasco de Doom 3, que respeta al original y no pierde la identidad como cierto reboot que no voy a nombrar cof cof Tomb Raider cof

Hands down one of if not THE best single-player first person shooter of the last decade. The weapons are excitingly diverse and give the player plenty of options when it comes to slaying hoards of demons. The level design is brilliant as it caters to encouraging exploration through the means of secret areas and powerups that the player can obtain along the way. The enemy variety is incredible with no two enemy types feeling like copies of each other, and with such free mobility and movement options the game controls like a dream. The levels even feature platforming and puzzle sequences along the way; this game is the full package! And as for the music... well, you probably already know the masterful compositions created by Mick Gordon.

Truly a game that Id Software should be proud of. 5/5, absolutely incredible.

No bullshit, balls to the wall FPS action
+ Killer soundtrack
+ Incredible glory kill satisfaction
~ Multiplayer is unfortunately dead, but had a bit of potential

This game is really kick ass, and I like it more than Eternal due to it's aesthetics and dedication to the original vision of Doom.

soundtrack is really good gameplay is kinda :/

tiro, desgraça, sangue e tripas, pra q melhor?

As a shooter nu-DOOM is undoubtedly better than old DOOM, as a game though there's a lot missing. Sure old doom is a fast-paced game and there's a lot of vector-based physics to the gameplay, but equally important are it's level philosophies. Old Doom levels were expansive and sprawling, and even in some cases non-linear. Equally important to your shooting ability was your knowledge of the map, what routes to take and when, resource-management for the harder encounters, when to grab the secrets, etc. 2016Doom has none of this, and most maps are combat tunnel to combat tunnel to combat arena to combat tunnel. 2016Doom is a strong enough shooter that this isn't a big problem enough to really tarnish the game, but it does limit it's potential by quite a bit. You don't have to ape the old doom 1:1, and I appreciate id is trying something different with the franchise, but the maps feels like a step-back in an important regard without anything equally good to replace it.


DOOM 2016 is an extravagant power fantasy, allowing you (Mr Doomguy) to go on an absolute unbridled killing rampage with every single tool in your arsenal, playing to your creativity and rewarding movement fluidity with grace.

The story is whatever, but that doesn't really matter because the base gameplay loop of kill s*** and explode other s*** is as fun as it is. DOOM only gets better and better as you unlock more weapons and techniques to kill. Definitely one of the best games within this genre and a great reboot of the series.

Also the Mick Gordon soundtrack is flames.

I'm really not a first person shooter fan but I've been trying to give more of them a go lately and this one is pretty fun. Being encouraged to constantly being moving really stops you from getting bored. Getting health for glory kills or ammo from chainsaw kills both needing you to get close and personal with the demons is a wonderful mechanic. There's a decent variety in weapons and unlocking the perks for each one encourages you to try them all out. The writing, whether it be from the main plot or the bits of lore scattered around the levels is pretty boring but the Doom guy doesn't seem to care about anything going on which is entertaining to a point.

Simply put, 1 of the best FPS's ever made. Up there with Titanfall 2. Combat is simple, minimalistc and elegant while having extremtly over the top violence and wonderful graphics.

il reboot di Doom riporta questa saga storica al centro dei riflettori, con una veste grafica eccezionale e qualche miglioria nel gameplay.

Ciò che, purtroppo, non riprende dai primi due capitoli è lo spirito di pura voglia di massacro. O meglio ci prova per poi ibridare il tutto con cutscenes, dialoghi e combattimenti obbligatori ad ondate.

La trama tende a disturbare, ogni tanto, un po' troppo le sequenze di gameplay. Inoltre a difficoltà "ultra-violenza" alcuni nemici hanno troppi HP rendendo i combattimenti non difficili quanto lenti.

Però per quel che riguarda estetica, colonna sonora e segreti da trovare nei vari livelli è sicuramente un'ottimo titolo che vale la pena giocare per ogni appassionato di FPS.

one of the best fps of the generation

Surprisingly well done and much better than I assumed it was going to be, but has some issues. Mainly it just being too long for its own good, some of the visuals being a bit too brown, etc.

solid game
definitely served as the foundation for something even greater
i wonder what that could be 🤔

O grande reavivamento da franquia é também uma enorme ruptura com os clássicos - tão grande ou maior até mesmo que a de Doom 3. Por baixo de sua estética demoníaca e metaleira noventista, é possível ver que as inspirações do reboot são eminentemente modernas. O level design de Half-Life, as armas e movimentação de Quake, os sistemas de upgrade e habilidades onipresentes em games atuais: dá para repartir cada elemento do game e compará-los diretamente com outros jogos, mas comparações diretas com Doom 1&2 são mais difíceis de achar. Em nenhum momento essa ruptura fica mais evidente que nos mapas clássicos. Tanto a movimentação mais cadente do Doomslayer quanto o comportamento dos novos inimigos parecem realmente "deslocados" dentro daqueles níveis pixelados dos anos 1990. Doom 2016 não atualiza as mecânicas de seus antecessores para uma audiência moderna; ele se comunica com ela usando sua linguagem contemporânea.

O que torna o game tão bem-sucedido e querido tanto por novatos quanto veteranos é como e para quê ele usa essa linguagem familiar. Ele consegue ser uma negação aos shooters modernos usando as mesmas ferramentas que eles. Se em sua forma observamos uma ruptura, em seu conteúdo há um resgate. Doom 1&2 eram mais do que uma inovação tecnológica ou mecânica. Eles eram uma experiência sentimental, uma explícita explosão de violência e visceralidade. É esse sentimento que o reboot resgata de maneira triunfal. Cada mecânica nova, cada upgrade nas armas, cada segredo, estão lá com o solene objetivo de fazer você, o jogador, ter somente uma preocupação: matar demônios.

Sabe aquela sorrisinho malicioso que o Doom Guy fazia nos clássicos sempre que pegava uma BFG, como se ele estivesse dizendo "agora sim eu vou !@#!@@## esses monstros!"? Ele vai estampar a sua cara toda vez que você fizer um glory kill ou sobreviver a um grande tiroteio.

Rip and tear, until it's done.

While some elements have become a little antiquated due to Eternal, DOOM 2016, via level design, mechanics, art style, and music, is still one of the best single player campaigns of the 2010s, and backed with a pretty fun and underrated multiplayer to boot.

precuela del mejor shooter que existe

Hier wird auf jeden Fall ordentlich reingeballert. Man hat eine schön große Auswahl an Waffen, die man alle auch mehr oder weniger nutzen muss um Erfolg zu haben gegen die verschiedenen Gegner.

Das martialische Kämpfen ist schon sehr befriedigend, allerdings fand ich den Mittelteil ein wenig Monoton. Immer wieder sich wiederholende Wellenkämpfe ohne viel Neues. Außerdem wird das Tempo auch immer wieder dadurch gedrosselt, dass es unmengen an Geheimnissen gibt, für die man die Maps schon ein bisschen genauer durchsuchen muss. Das bremst das Spiel ungemein aus, aber ich kann so Sachen auch nicht einfach unentdeckt liegen lassen.

Gegen Ende hin wird die Action dann aber nochmal ordentlich angezogen und so kriegt man alles in allem doch eine solide Kampagne geboten.

Ich habe die Ingame Musik gemutet und mir selbst passende Musik aufs Ohr gelegt. So macht das Ballern irgendwie nochmal mehr Bock, kann ich nur empfehlen, wenn man mit dem Metalgelöt des Spiels nicht so viel anfangen kann.

Muy interesante y muy entretenido, quiero volver a jugarlo algún día.