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Do you like bad UI that necessitates squinting to read anything? Do you enjoy bland environments? Maybe this game is for you then.

é tudo culpa sua deleuze seu filho da puta

Easily in the bottom 3 or 5 games I've played in my entire life.

don't play with the translation patch! it leaves out a lot of important detail!
i hope Streum On eventually makes a remaster/remake or even sequel to this. better translation, no respawning enemies, something better than the present save system (not necessarily quicksaving), less jank, etc. would be nice.
P.S. there is no escape

*Beaten Twice, good stuff, has a lot of potential.
Not very polished, but visually stunning for a Source Game.


What the FUCK is port forwarding?

A game that dares to ask the most disturbing question of all; what is it like to live in the mind of a frenchman?

It's neat and silly, but inaccessible to an absurd degree. I don't have the patience to learn all these menus to play a faster than average source fps

It's memorable for sure but it'll take some time to process how I actually feel about it. Nonetheless, the visuals, sounds and gameplay were all very good, dialogue and world are positively weird, and the story is interesting, if barely understandable. As for actual bad stuff, the lack of proper objective log made some missions needlessly obtuse and some of the later missions were too large for their own good especially when going for the true ending.

the best kind of jank. the kind of jank you beat three times to get the secret ending.

A bizarre game that I think even its biggest fans will admit is incredibly rough around the edges and utterly bewildering at times. In spite of that, however, there's still plenty of fun to be had with it, and it actually manages to achieve many of its rather ambitious ideas. I think it's one of those games that, for a lot of people, you'll be incredibly overwhelmed at first and maybe even dissuaded entirely from playing any further than the opening mission. However (if you aren't turned off immediately by it), you'll find yourself returning to it more and more, fueled both by a morbid desire to try and understand what you're playing, as well as an unexpected, genuine enjoyment of the gameplay itself. At some point during this, the game will suddenly just click with you, and it is that moment that gives this game the avid cult following that it has.
Regardless of whether you like or enjoy it, it's hard to deny that there's nothing quite like E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. (Funnily enough, the only comparison I can really think of that feels accurate in every way would be Cruelty Squad lol.) It's a game that, once you've played enough of it, will stick with you forever, if you're anything like me. You'll look back on it from time to time, whenever you're reminded of it, and either think "damn, that game was insane. I loved that," or you'll think "damn, that game was insane. what the fuck even was that".
tbh tho, you'll probably think both of those at the same time

completed my first cycle of guilt and now i want to hurt whoever thought infinitely spawning enemies behind the player was a good idea

trying to actually start playing this and its absurd how fucking huge the world is. like its jaw-droppingly massive. OPPRESSIVELY maximalist. its also as batshit insane as i remember. aside from the translation, the game is conceptually bizarre. what do you mean im not my 40k cosplaying boss's killer if i killed him?
the game immediately lets you have access to an anti-material rifle so im out on streets blowing up parked cars by accident when im trying to just dome some bandit. in the first real level after the tutorial i killed: white looters with afros, fed bootlickers, two demons, some eldritch being robot?, and apparently a "little-grey" alien.
i feel that i may love this game more than i already do, its just got pretty much everything i like in media.
one more thing: you can host 32-player servers of this game.

I don't remember who I am <----- hilarious
I completely lost my purpose in life <----- silly
The world would be better if my kind wasn't around <----- ludicrous
Those that I trust the most will inevitably betray me at one point <----- whimsical

really charming, hopelessly messy. i'd love to get the other endings and really see how far the customisation goes, but the prospect of replaying those last few levels right now is just so painful. cool game though, glad to play it
if nothing else (and there's quite a bit else) this has definitely the best hacking minigame i've played

I played this like 5 years ago and decided to revisit it after stumbling upon a video which featured this janky ass game and I realized that I didn't unlock the fun stuff. So, I played through the campaign 3 times in 3 days in roughly 35 hours, got the "true" ending, reflected for 1 hour about what the fuck I just played, and then decided to write this because is 5 AM and can't sleep.
When people talk about how fun is this game, they always forget all the grinding you have to pass through to get the fun OP weapons/psi-cyber-powers. Nonetheless, the gunplay in general is fun, OP weapons or not. I tried every weapon and most of them feel distinct and fun to use, largely thanks to their sound. I love the gun sound in this game. If you are patient you can become incredibly overpowered, like jump 15 floors and run at 300 km/h overpowered. Sadly, this is semi-hidden behind so much grinding (or you can be like me and download cm_farm_alpha23) and very obtuse and janky systems (like the research stuff).
The mood of this game is defined by its narrative, and, oh boy, the devs were at least on ketamine when writing the story. It's very inaccesible. The backstory is presented in walls of text in the main hub, the dialogues are not well translated and are kinda broken and, if you really wanna follow the story and discover the "true" ending (you have to get all the "other endings" first), you also have to be on a ketamine trip. The NPCs that somewhat hint what is going on are hidden inside the levels, and the levels are very, very big and confusing. In fact, I invested early on heavily on my cyberlegs, and I suggest you do too, because navigating through these levels without anything boosting your speed is tortuous, to say the least. You can complete the campaign without undestanding jackshit what happened, and that's fine, and expected I think. E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is a experience, in the same way a fever dream is also a experience.
Despite all its clunkiness, its jank and its inaccessibility, is a fun and certainly unique game. Recommended to try if you like niche games, the Source engine, hard drugs, brouzouf, shooting at things, W40K and above all, have the patience and tolerance to unlock the cool stuff. I heard the game is much more fun if you complete it with friends on coop (which game isn't?), but for better or for worse, I got through all of this alone.
The quintessential schizo game. Maybe.

The Bogdanoffs' favorite game.

if you dont like this game... HACK YOURSELF... NOW

despite the storyline being absolutely fucking confusing e.y.e has to be one of the best games i ever played. what streum on studio did with the source engine is absolutely amazing. the combat is one of the most satisfying ive ever played in a game (and let's face it not many can get source engine combat done correctly). pure 100% unadulterated kino right here

This is the messiest, most inaccessible brick wall of a game I've ever played. Ridiculously obtuse, broken mechanics with one of the most complicated and unrefined interfaces ever. A borderline nonsensical story that definitely isn't helped by the shockingly poor translation. Barely functioning multiplayer that involves messing around with ports and IP addresses in the game console just to be able to connect to each other.
This game is a complete mess, but I played this game with two friends from start to finish...
...and we loved every second of it.

This is possibly the king of obscure games. That's not because it’s the most obscure game ever made, but because its completely bizarre presentation encapsulates what’s great about niche titles. To oversimplify it, it’s essentially a total conversion mod of Half Life 2 that's mixed with Warhammer 40K fan fiction. Being built off of Half Life 2 can make it feel cheap, but leveraging the Source engine’s physics to emphasize the power of your cyber-augmented character was a smart decision. You slowly become more and more hilariously overpowered with each new ability, eventually being able to jump over buildings and sprint as fast as a car, so having weight and impact was critical to making progress rewarding. If you can stay interested in the game long enough to unlock those abilities, you’ll definitely have a fun time. However, the game is so dark and so narratively confusing that I think most people will drop out before it gets the chance to shine. Playing it co-op certainly helps, but this has its own issues with the way mission progress is saved only to the host. Your character progress is saved regardless, but repeatedly losing content is demoralizing. So, the highs of maxing out your abilities are fairly equally matched with the lows of losing progress and parts that drag. If your desire to play as a godlike space marine is strong enough to withstand even the clunkiest level design though, you should give this game a try, because there isn't any other game out there that does it quite as well.