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i had fun
a good visual novel with good plot twists, especially if you're bored on a sunday or something

Yo this is good. This is also the beginning of The Legend of El Chaperon Malo. You don't need to understand, El Chaperon Malo is an incorporeal concept.

Esperaba algo que intentase ser el nuevo Doki Doki y aunque el comienzo es lo esperable y algunos giritos se ven venir, el juego está muy bien planteado y bastante bien escrito. Buena historia, un sentido del humor bien buscado y personajes que no caen en clichés (excepto Terra, la chica gamer)

This game mistaken in much things, like the timing of musics and jokes and some dates are boring. The story and heroines are ok, it's only it.

Nothing mind blowing, but just a solid experience.
The game does feel like it drags on just a tad too long near the end, (granted I played it in one sitting), though I feel the length does wonders for establishing characterization.
Each character is far more then what their basic archetype would suggest, and the game forces you to do every character's route, which I honestly really like. Besides the fact that the story wouldn't quite work without it, it was sorta refreshing to be pushed out of my normal comfort zone.
The story is interesting enough, and the beginning leaves you with a bunch of mysterious, which work well as a hook. The game also gives you a fair amount of choices, even if its more of an illusion sometimes.
The only real complaint I have is the score, and that I feel there could've been just a few more character sprites, but other than that, I'd fully recommend to anyone with 4 or so hours to spare

For a free steam game made almost entirely by one person, this was really great. It was charming, constantly funny and was entertaining the whole way through. The story is really interesting and I wanna know more about the universe, I'd definitely pay for a sequel of sorts. Other than that I don't really have many complaints. I feel like more then three save slots would of been nice and the endings had a little bit more closure with the whole crew but at this point all I can do Is suggest things that would make it even better when it was already an experience I loved every second of (and its free!) Also it has a hatoful boyfriend reference which is mega pog.
Also Kat is best girl but Allie, Violet and Scarlett stole my heart too

the jerma birthday rats song is used in this