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I have way too much emotional attachment to this game to play it properly. I absolutely love it. The combat, story, multiplayer, everything. This was truly a beauty.

This game holds a special place in my heart. I was in my first or second university when it came out and spent many late nights playing multiplayer in my dorm room with friends (including the occasional game of drinking Halo).
Me and my best friend invented all kinds of games in the multiplayer, from mongoose jousting to sword only, invisibility and super speed.
The campaign was also great fun in multiplayer and the extra challenges you could add with skulls really added to the replayability.
It's just good ol' fashion shooty bang bang fun, you can't go wrong with it.

Your favorite Halo game is probably the one you played in middle school. That was halo 3

Fun first person shooter with plenty of action. On par with Halo 2 gameplay ways. Graphics are definitely dated. Only played the single player campaign.

Rating: 8.7/10 - Great!
The story is about as good as 1 but not good as 2, the gameplay is about the same tier and the gameplay segments are better. I'm impressed with how consistent in quality every bungie's halo game is.

A classic title. THE online shooter in its heyday.

Halo games are separated into two groups: the good ones are a 5/5, and the bad ones are a 2/5. This is one of the good ones.

It can't be overstated enough how important this game was to me. My first ever multiplayer experience and my longest, Halo 3's multiplayer experience is unmatched. Its campaign was memorable and the whole ethos of this game, right down to the music, is timeless.

Funniest shit I've ever seen.

It took fifteen years for the Master Chief Collection to come out before I got to play this on PC. It was mostly worth the wait to "finish the fight." It's a bit too bad they didn't "remaster" this one along with the first two, but the gameplay holds up as well as expected.

Campaign completed on normal difficulty. Deservedly a classic, Halo 3 impresses with an expansive single-player campaign in an iconic setting. However, played from a modern perspective and without much of a sense of nostalgia, it didn't hold up quite as well as I'd hoped, clearly showing its age in some quite 'janky' gameplay mechanics, particularly when it comes to vehicle-based outdoor sequences. Regardless, it's still an enjoyable experience all told, with solid gunplay across a good range of sci-fi weaponry and some memorable 'setpiece' sequences.

Great Campaign, Great multiplayer, Forge mode, community driven creations. If you had halo 3 in 2007 you were the coolest gamer and eveyone wanted to go to your house for the LAN party.

Cheif's back at it again with my favorite Halo so far! Loved just about everything in Halo 3.

I finished the fight. (Gamer reference)

this rating is not just for this game its for the trilogy.

A part of me wishes that I grew up with Xbox so I could have experienced this incredible game.
All the little nitpicks I had with the gameplay from the past 2 entries have been ironed out and made this one of the most unbelievably fun shooters I've ever played. And outside of a few minor nitpicks with some beats, I really enjoyed the story, especially the ending that managed to tie it all up perfectly.

The flood was significantly more annoying to fight this time around than previously but otherwise a ton of fun. Having the big finale be a driving sequence is a bad move when your series has such notoriously bad driving controls

An amazing Lan game. Played it every time i visited my cousins and had an absolute blast!

really good halo game, while it's honestly quite different from reach (game which i for some reason tend to take in comparison whenever playing a different halo game), i liked it a lot, story is really cool, and that's as much as i played of it, while i haven't checked out multiplayer and i can't remember much of the soundtrack (but i'm positive that it is good).
i gotta replay it

I don't remember this game enough to give an actual review, but I don't think anyone is gonna complain about this score.

My son and I have had just an incredible time going through this trilogy. It meant a lot to me as a kid and now it means even more playing through it with him. Old school Bungie was the GOAT.