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ate que eh legal mas nao se compara nem um pouco ao primeiro

This is probably the worst NRS game out there

In terms of a follow up, this was much better than the first one. Expanding the amount of DC characters used, creating a new system of items to collect and the interesting choices for guest characters make this game worth it. It also shows how much better Netherrelm studios are getting with their fighting games.

Glad i never played this competitively

It is better than old version and faster

such a shockingly solid improvement over the first one that i will reserve my list of 20 nonsense characters that only me and two other losers at the Yonge street BMV demand for the third one

I liked it a lot, a HUGE Batman/DC fan, the MK game with the super hero skin was super enjoyable, but no matter what the gear stats rubbed me the wrong way. Crates, drops, levelling up gear, i don't want it or need it anywhere near a fighting game. Even though i enjoyed it a lot it just RUINED the whole thing for me. Big s hame.

A universal improvement over the original in every way. Nothing changes the fact that NRS manages to make the best single-player component in a fighting game just about every time.

Back + 3, Forward jump + 2, Forward, Down 3, Down + Back + 2 (burn), Back + Forward + 2 (burn), Forward 2, 2. that's the input for my favorite black canary combo. this game slaps