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Como con BBS, los comandos y el gameplay son geniales, en especial el Drop que añadieron hace sentir más adrenalina y ayuda en los combates. La historia es muy.. meh, complicaron demasiados las cosas aquí.
Los Dream Eaters son divertidos de criar y un dolor de cabeza a la vez para conseguir ciertas cosas para estos.
Juego pasable.

Having to stop playing the game to level up pokemon so you can get basic abilities to prevent being one-shot is BS

Now this... this is a good Kingdom Hearts game. Right away, you're given a whole host of movement abilities and told to go fucking nuts. The command deck from Birth by Sleep is back, only without the insane tedium of the melding system. It's just find a cool new command, equip it, and fuck shit up. The game is always pushing you to move faster, fight faster, and all the while get better at dodging and planning your moves around a boss's attack patterns. Complex, yet still tied to that simple concept of slashy, satisfying combat that made Kingdom Hearts 1 so immediately lovable. In fact, aside from the titan that is KH1, this has to be the best game in the series by a landslide.

who put this nintendogs bullshit in my kingdom hearts game

Como el Birth by Sleep pero mal. Es muy similar pero de alguna forma, no me funcionan sus elementos.
Yo tengo un dicho: "Si quieres cargarte una historia rapidamente, métele viajes en el tiempo". Aquí es donde realmente empieza la historia ultracomplicada con el puto Nomura jugando un ajedrez en 4 dimensiones.

Damn good game, the story is a disaster, but the combat is great, the bosses towards the end are terrific, great music, and a few really great scenes among the mess. Not as good as KH1 or 2, but easily the third best so far. Excited to play 3

just as fun as Birth By Sleep and loaded with fan service. My boys Riku and Axel getting what they're owed.

It's ok. Kinda feels like a set up game for what is to come and also to answer some questions that were still in the air.

None of the bosses are good and the pacing was kinda wack, all the expository dialogue is in the last 2 hours. Still, I had fun messing around with the combat and I thought the story was satisfying enough.

Birth by Sleep with way more bullshit and loads of fan service. I had a good time.

Loved it. Story is stupid and enemies/bosses are often lame, but the gameplay is just super fun man.

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The story is the pleb filter of the series. Most people will complain about the multiple Xehanorts being stupid, but the real issue with the story is that is poorly explains how the time travel works.

Generally I find that the worlds aren't as good as what is in other entries of the series, but flowmotion is a lot of fun to play with, even if it is absurdly broken.

si no te gusta es que eres tonto y yasta

Good game, but I played it totally wrong which made it excruciatingly difficult for the final boss. I was able to beat the boss before it just barely, however I couldn't beat the final boss no matter what. I couldn't go back and grind either, so I just gave up and watched the ending on Youtube. I'm not proud of myself for doing this, but I had to.

this would be 5 stars if it weren't for some of the issues i have with the gameplay. i really love the concept of ddd, but there was a lot i didn't like and, well, it all had to do with gameplay. the grid is the worst kingdom hearts world literally ever, and honestly a lot of the worlds were lacking besides traverse town, symphony of sorcery, and of course twtnw. dive sequences sucked. i hated a lot of the bosses, too. this kind of takes away from replayability, but upon beating the game, i loved it. loved the ending, loved playable riku, loved the music especially. i'm very fond of this game looking back on it, but wasn't always while playing.

It's got some neat ideas and worlds, but it also has a lot of really rough aspects that feel trickled down from earlier games. Going from the command deck in Birth by Sleep, which I thought was fine, to this was kind of weird in my opinion. That coupled with the main gameplay mechanic being a weird pokemon/smt/ buddy sim, this felt like the kingdom hearts where I really stopped thinking about combat and just mashed. Birth by Sleep using the command deck to make themed decks that turn into different command styles is a pretty fun feature. Here its just kinda slapped in with little payoff and any duplicate spells you get go into a creature creation process I didn't pay much attention to and didn't feel too much of a need to do so playing on normal mode. Also flowmotion is a super fun to use mechanic, too bad it almost feels like it just shits on any attempt at level design since you can just do stuff like infinite wall jump up to high up locations and disregard any rails or other platforms leading up to it. It was incredibly funny getting glide 80% of the way in despite the fact there's so little need for it when you just have the most insanely implemented movement mechanic in kingdom hearts right from the first world.
Story wise its still that kingdom hearts brand stupid-fun-enjoyable-cheesy amalgam the other games are but this game did make me have an epiphany. I no longer care about any prospects of Sora getting into smash. I want Riku instead that guy's pretty cool. Really glad this game gives you the chance to play as him in a game that isn't Re:CoM. (sidenote: it didn't take me until I was almost done finishing this review that I remembered twewy characters were in this, really odd they're here for like <10% of the game ngl)
Also a lot of the post-game completion just seems really redundant. Probably one of the easier games to 100% skill wise but takes a lot of time with regards to how skills work, special portal drop chances, buddy raising, etc.
Lastly, fuck flick rush.
It's still a pretty enjoyable time with some good fan service thrown about, but a lot of the new mechanics charm wore off after the first few worlds or so, leaving me kinda disappointed.

this is everything that everyone hates about kingdom hearts.

i love it.

My least favorite of the mainline KH games but still has some great gameplay.

Mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Un sistema de combate muy heredado de BBS, los lucientes aunque se me hicieron pesadetes te dan muchas posibilidades nuevas, y MUY importante la historia. Sube a mi Top 4 de KH.
Si se quiere sacar todo, te da bastantes horas de juego, y no está nada mal de dificultad. Lo jugué en Experto (Maestro se desbloquea después) y los bosses finales me tocaron los cojones más de una vez. Muy divertido de jugar.

the most fun i had was refusing to name my dream eaters anything other than garfield

This game is really fun. The flowmotion mechanic was fresh, new and fun. Happily the command deck system came back, but without the merge system it's actually... meh.
The worlds are great, mainly the Fantasia one.
The bosses aren't the best (they are, actually, really FAR from that, mainly Ansem and Anti-Coat Nightmare), but, it was fun after all.

best videogame of all time need i say more

HD actually fixes things up a lot, increases stagger, makes it faster to level Dream Eaters. NG+ makes it way more fun

The HD version makes this a lot more tolerable

Good improvement over the ideas in Birth By Sleep, much more fluid and fun to play, world design is a bit too open with too little to do, but still fun to run around and fight in. Good way of filtering out the idiots who weren't really into the series anyway.